Мила Кунис попросила Деми Мур оставить  их с мужем в покое

Hollywood couple demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher divorced five years ago. The story of farewell is very ugly, we still remember the breakdown of demi and how she is on offense, hit the winds. Now, when their lives became more peaceful direction, Moore tries to establish friendly relations with her ex-husband and his new wife.

Insiders report that demi was one of the first sent gifts Mila and her newborn son, and now is busily trying to give advice on child-rearing and caring for him. Kunis is not happy with the sudden kindness of the former passion of her husband, and openly Express their indignation.
“Demi tries to impose their presence in the life of Ashton and Mila, she sends them gifts and calling to give advice. But Mila didn’t have to tolerate it and openly told demi that she had left her family alone and live your life. The more that demi had no sons, and all her advice, at least, comical. A few years Mila was good to Moore, was afraid that might somehow hurt her by a careless word, but now with her pretty, she’s not going to pretend to be her friend” — said the insider.