Mikhalkov’s granddaughter got married

Внучка Михалкова вышла замуж
Elect Alexandra was Peter starlings.

Внучка Михалкова вышла замуж

Alexander Mikhalkov

Внучка Михалкова вышла замуж

Today, the granddaughter of Nikita Mikhalkov — a 25-year-old Alexander came
married. This was the daughter of the famous restaurateur Stepan announced itself by publishing
some photos in social networks. Her choice was Peter starlings, which Alexander
is expecting a child. Rumors about their romance have been circulating in secular circles quite
for a long time.

Wedding attire the bride chose a non-standard, given its interesting
position — bright dress length just below the knee with inflated
waist. Top Mikhalkov threw a voluminous black jacket, and a head
crowned with a cap. In the hands of Alexander holding a modest bouquet of wildflowers. The modest appearance of the groom is fully consistent with her Stepan
dressed in a sweater and jeans. News about the interesting position of Alexander revealed, as well
like the wedding, published in the microblog picture of her in a black bathing suit
shows rounded belly.

Внучка Михалкова вышла замуж

Alexander Mikhalkov and Peter starlings

Alexander, named in honor of great — grandfather- Alexander
Vertinsky, graduated from Moscow state University, specialty “History of art”. After that, she
continued training in mgahi Surikov. Granddaughter Mikhalkov, graduated,
by the way, the school as an external student at the age of 15, perfectly draws, and periodically exposes
your web experience.