Mikhalkov explained why the husband was hiding her modeling past

Михалкова рассказала, почему муж скрывал ее модельное прошлое

Nikita Mikhalkov always wanted to see in his wife the mother of the family, and not a successful model.

For the family of Tatyana Mikhalkov has refused in due time from the brilliant career of the model. In the days of the Soviet Union, she was invited to work in America, what was then considered a real breakthrough for the models. However, Tatiana chose to be a homemaker.

“I’m Anya and was carrying up to seven months went on the podium. I sewed outfits a La Natasha Rostova-waisted. Was holding hands a dress – and nothing came out very successfully, – says Mikhalkov. — I left after the birth of the second. I then had to make a choice: planned trip to America, in the Soviet Union, such a possibility was significant. One of our girls for this case fictitiously married went out with someone an abortion. And I decided that for me already and fashion, and fame, important family. So filled it, that with pleasure left in children”.

Tatiana said that it was her personal choice, but it is recognized that Nikita had never approved of her profession.

“Nikita do not particularly loved what I was doing. All this fashion are pushed away from family, friends, it seemed to him that so I become part of the glamour. Even imagined me always not as model, but as an English teacher. It was so strange to me, surprised. Other life put, mold is something from the wives, promote, give, want, wife to Shine in public and television. And he wanted me to see or a mother, or a teacher.”

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