Михаил Жигалов боялся встречи с сыном от любовницы The actor said the Studio program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi that lived for several families. And the child born of the mistress, the artist for a long time and was not familiar with. Artist forced to meet the boy’s third wife.
Михаил Жигалов боялся встречи с сыном от любовницы

Mikhail Zhigalov became widely known after roles in the films “Officers”, “TASS is authorized to declare…”, “Petrovka, 38”, and “Not born beautiful”. Despite a successful career, personal life, the actor was not always happy. The first marriage, as recognized by Zhigalov, was a youthful and girlish. The second Union with the actress Irina Malikova at first was fine, but soon the husband realized his wife are totally different people. At this time the artist began to abuse alcohol, even sleep in the same bed with the unloved wife for him became unbearable.

“I was going to leave Ira, but first son, Vaska. I had to stay. Then, I have had all sorts of ailments. Was the full cast of the bouquet: stomach ulcers, chronic bronchitis smoker… I didn’t know what to drink 50 grams, I needed more and more. But I was not drinking, could drink a day or two. And on the third morning I woke up and thought: “my God, what am I, it’s time to slow down?!”, – said Mikhail.
Михаил Жигалов боялся встречи с сыном от любовницы

From an unhealthy lifestyle and stressful environment in the family Zhigalova damaged facial nerve. This disease could deprive the artist of working in film and theatre. The actor had to go to the hospital. In the hospital he met third wife Tatyana. The woman was a doctor, she literally saved Mikhail Vasilyevich. “Tanya, I felt reliability. She has such a human characteristic is the absolute inability to lie. At first she was just a friend, and then I got”, – the artist admitted.

However, Mikhail did not dare to break up with second wife, only occasionally staying at Tatiana. And the woman insisted that the actor abandoned his wife and son. Just another scandal with Irina allowed a difficult situation – Zhigalov went to his mistress.

In 1991 the couple had a daughter Anna. Mikhail admitted that he had dreamed of the heir. However, all this time, Zhigalova grew another child, a son Arkady. The actor has shared that after a fleeting affair left his mother. Only when the boy was thirteen years old, third wife of the artist Tatiana insisted the actor is obliged to get acquainted with the heir.

“His mother was almost casual relationship, then we broke up. She decided to keep the baby… I always knew that Arcadia is my son, there was no doubt. I asked mutual friends, how the child lives, but material support is not provided – the need to help his mother and he was not. She well earned significantly more than me,” admitted Zhigalov.

Still, the actor met with the son. Arkady was glad to get acquainted with the famous dad. Today’s a grown man absolutely does not hold a grudge against Mikhail Vasilyevich. Children of artist from different women perfectly communicate with each other. At the end of the program Zhigalov admitted that they are extremely happy and proud heirs.