Mikhail Zadornov told about changes in your health condition

Михаил Задорнов рассказал об изменении состояния своего здоровья

A couple of weeks ago in the press leaked information that the humorist Mikhail Zadornov is struggling with a serious illness. Later confirmed that the man was diagnosed with cancer and given a comforting prognoses for recovery.

It became known today, now feels like the artist. About this he wrote on his page “Vkontakte”, noting that the support of the fans – the medication that helps him as well as medicine: “I Thank everyone who sent me a funny video. Mood and health has improved, energy increased, – said the optimistic satirist. – This is just what you need before concerts and the beginning of the film “Once in America”, which started last week.”

Recall that despite the severity of the disease, to refuse to work and rebuild your work schedule Zadornov no account needed. “Not all concerts are cancelled, and only those, which required long journeys and flights. Come to my concert “to Russia with your Mind… never!” – satirist announced on its official website. In December Zadornov will star in new TV projects. And in between touring and filming he’s going to get chemotherapy in Europe, but Russian doctors.