Mikhail Zadornov refused to help psychics and priests

Михаил Задорнов отказался от помощи экстрасенсов и церковнослужителей

Famous Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov refused to help psychics and priests and declared that he should handle himself. If previously, the comedian said that would not comment on his illness and asked him not to bother his family with questions, now he is becoming more talkative.

Apparently, Michael was aware of his illness and now speaks about it without embellishment. To the question about how he feels, Zadornov said, “Fig. Below average shitty”.
However, despite the cancellation of its Grand tour of the Far East, Michael continues to give performances. Zadornov said that for him it is like medicine.
“I feel that I’m not a vegetable. As a stage actor, moving away from the scene loses power. Very important for me to Express myself, because I still have the ability. I Shirvindt recently said, “You know, you’re serving hope.” In both! Began to show promise,” said Michael.
Treated abroad Zadornov has no plans, contrary to earlier information that he went for treatment in Riga.
“We also have good doctors, especially those who are morally educated in Soviet times. Our doctors have a heart, and West is a Protocol.. I understand that treatment will be difficult, but you have to pass. I must do it myself” — said Zadornov.
Michael also said that he started calling medicine men healers and psychics with promises to help, but the Council understands that the majority of them just desire to capitalize on his grief, but because he intends to appeal only to the specialists of medicine.