Mikhail Zadornov puzzled relatives, leaving two wills

Михаил Задорнов озадачил родню, оставив два завещания It turned out that one document includes all the information about assets in Russia and the other offers to distribute Latvian real estate Zadornov. However, details of wills is not yet known.
Михаил Задорнов озадачил родню, оставив два завещания

The well-known humorist Michael Zadornov has passed away last fall after a long battle with cancer of the brain. Because artist has had a lot of relatives, they still decide how to dispose of property that has remained after it. Earlier it was reported that his widow Elena Bombina and daughter Helen never stated his desire to join the legacy.

“Shortly before the departure of Mikhail decided to write a will. And, as far as I know, wanted to make two wills – one on property in the territory of Latvia, the second – on the territory of Russia. The nuances of these documents he was not privy to. What’s in them – question. I think there will be surprises”, – said a source familiar with the situation.

As it turned out, the first wife Zadornov Velta my name had to meet with the second in the period when the satirist was sick. The existence of an adult daughter, the artist she learned after pictures of the satirist with it hit the media. His successor Elena now lives in Malta and no claim to the property. She had suffered greatly after his father’s death.

“Trial if happens only at the initiative of his second wife. Theoretically, it can challenge the last will of Michael Nikolaevicha. Velta my name will not be scandals. She is an intelligent person, a Professor in the Department of English linguistics of the philological faculty of Moscow state University. My language is not rotated about the Welt my name to say “former”. All her life she was his faithful friend, assistant. The fact that there was another woman who bore him a daughter… Well, that’s my name Velta could take like a wise woman. Forgive,” – said a friend of the family.

After the death Zadornov remained unpublished satirical notes. It is assumed that his works would see the light. “His sister Ludmila arrived in Moscow to collect an archive of Zadornov. Their father was a famous writer. Lyudmila preserves his musical legacy, and now, I think, will be as careful to archive brother. He left us his works, published and unpublished. Lyudmila will reissue his books,” he told reporters.

Summer to be released film in which Mikhail Zadornov planned to play the U.S. President Donald trump. According to information at the disposal of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, now this role will be the double or the comedian, or someone from the world of show business. Now is the casting.