Mikhail Zadornov operated in Germany

Михаил Задорнов прооперирован в Германии

No matter how praised a popular satirist Mikhail Zadornov, Russian doctors, but the surgery went to Germany, to the Charite hospital. The comedian has already undergone a brain biopsy to establish a more accurate diagnosis. It is reported that near the satirist is now his wife and daughter.

A source close to the family have told reporters that Michael has long complained of severe headaches, but their performances do not cancel wanted, didn’t want to bring the audience waiting for him. Because the doctor was constantly delayed until the “sound of thunder”.
Now, when famous was the initial diagnosis, he was given a tough treatment that are reported may not be compatible with the voltage, because for a while about concerts Zadornov can forget.
In October, Michael became ill during the concert in the capital’s “Meridian”. After a visit to the specialist, Zadornov was quickly canceled all performances for a few weeks in advance.