Mikhail Zadornov operated abroad

Михаила Задорнова прооперировали за рубежом Journalists argue that the satirist is one of the best European clinics. Mikhail underwent a procedure that will allow doctors to give him an accurate diagnosis. At the moment, the dollar is preparing for a long treatment.

      Today in a press there was an information that the 68-year-old Mikhail Zadornov had surgery. According to representatives of the media, the man did a biopsy of the brain to supply him with an accurate diagnosis. Journalists argue that the satirist has passed through this procedure in one of the best and oldest medical institutions in the Berlin clinic “charité”.

      At the moment Zadornov getting ready to undergo treatment, which promises to be very long. After becoming aware of test results and type of tumor celebrities, doctors will suggest Mikhail Nikolayevich several options of programs to choose from.

      According to sources close to the comedian, he has long postponed a visit to healthcare professionals. From the ever-busy artist just had no free time to consult the doctors. However, everything changed when Zadornov suddenly became ill during a speech at the concert hall “Meridian”. After this incident, Michael N. was forced to think about treatment.

      More than a week ago on the official pages Zadornov in the Internet appeared the message that brightened his condition.

      “The live situation was complicated. Ordered a new heavy treatment, with a voltage incompatible. However, they are not cancelled. They will be restored with time. I hope, moreover – I am sure of it” – with these words, the satirist called on his fans.

      It is worth noting that the comedian keeps up the positivity. On his social media pages regularly for new posts with jokes, humorous pictures and videos. Fans are trying to support a loved satirist as they can: they send him funny statuses and wish you health in social networks.

      A cancer patient Mikhail Zadornov asked for help

      According to journalists, now the whole family Zadornov is with him. The satirist’s daughter Elena and his wife came to Germany to assist a loved one. Relatives of Mikhail Nikolayevich try not to dwell on his treatment. Everything that happens to a famous humorist, known only to few people, according to Life.ru.

      Recall that Zadornov about the problems with health became known in October. The comedian told the fans that he was diagnosed with a serious illness. The doctors forbade humorist flights for long distances and advised him not to burden himself. “In such therapy, like chemistry, you need to save power, not to spill them on different kinds side vanity” – commented Mikhail Nikolayevich the situation.