Mikhail Zadornov is struggling with a serious illness

Михаил Задорнов борется с серьезным недугом Famous comedian complained about the condition. Michael Zadornov has cancelled a series of concerts before the New year. The actor was quick to warn his fans about the upcoming adjustments touring schedule.

      Popular comedian Mikhail Zadornov is incredibly popular among the public. The actor conversational genre is constantly notices the interesting facts about everyday life and happy to share their Comedy with many listeners. Fans are eagerly awaiting concerts of Zadornov. However, Mikhail was quick to warn those willing to listen to his sparkling jokes about the upcoming changes in the road. As it turned out, the humorist health problems.

      “Must bring to your attention, because otherwise about me soon spread different rumors: do I really have to cancel part of concerts before the New year. Especially those that are far from Moscow and it takes flights and long-distance heavy travel. In the body, unfortunately, discovered a serious disease, not only age. Should be treated immediately,” – wrote in the microblog Zadornov.

      Mikhail Nikolaevich did not disclose details of their illness. Despite the fact that he limited his activities, he will continue his story, which publishes in social networks. However, other projects had also to be suspended.

      “Unfortunately, also due out as artistic Director of the new film based on my script. Forces to play the role of President of the United States, sure enough. But to control the entire project will not be able. Although the review samples (I use Russian words is specially. Who don’t understand the modern “casting”) is already spent, and could boast the involvement of very good actors to the project, but too early,” – said Zadornov.

      To appear funny and “Saltykov-Shchedrin shows.” Zadornov gets a lot of feedback on this project and would like to continue working. “Maybe a few move, to change, to endure, but the strength is there, and the doctors demanded the abandonment of all he able to refuse.

      The comedian announced that he will undergo treatment at a clinic in the Baltic States. Doctors advised him to suspend work on projects that take a lot of effort.