Mikhail Zadornov has confirmed that he has cancer

Михаил Задорнов подтвердил, что у него рак

Famous Russian satirist Mikhail Zadorov was forced to surrender under the pressure of fans and journalists, and to confess that he had cancer. The reason for this was the most unimaginable illness that he began to ascribe the yellow tabloids. So sorry for the psyche of fans and friends, Michael spoke about the condition and upcoming treatment.

“I do think that things are not as hopeless as it sometimes seems. In any case, ought to resist. Yes, the treatment will be hard and long. In such therapy, like chemistry, you need to save power, not to spill them on different kinds side vanity” — said the actor. According to the satirist, yet to speak, he can not and fans will have to wait for his return to the stage.