Mikhail Zadornov cancels concerts due to illness

Михаил Задорнов отменяет концерты из-за болезни

Satirist hides your accurate diagnosis, calling it only a “serious illness”.

Recently the sad news began to appear too often. Just last week, Dmitri Hvorostovsky reported that doctors prescribed him a new course of chemotherapy, which he was forced to refuse participation in “Simone Boccanegra” at the Vienna Opera. And now Mikhail Zadornov also cancels the concerts. The satirist admitted that he is seriously ill.

“Dear friends and subscribers! — asked the comedian to his fans with his page “Vkontakte”. — Must bring to your attention, because otherwise about me soon spread different rumors: do I really have to cancel part of concerts before the New year. Especially those that are far from Moscow and it takes flights and long-distance heavy travel. In the body, unfortunately, discovered a serious disease, not only age. Should be treated immediately.”

To give an exact diagnosis Zadornov did not want to prevent discussion of his illness on the Internet among journalists and users of the network. All this talk about predictions turned out to be nasty Michael. And he now needs, as he put it, in balance and complete serenity.

“Hope for the future must always remain – that is my point of view. That is my main mood today. The story “Love and oil” placed “Vkontakte”, if possible, of course, want to continue.

Unfortunately, also due out as artistic Director of the new film based on my script. Forces to play the role of President of the United States, sure enough. But to control the entire project will not be able. Although the review samples (I use Russian words is specially. Who don’t understand the modern “casting”) is already spent, and could boast of attracting very good actors to the project, but early. If the seed be removed from beds ahead of time, it will not germinate.

Well and the third I regret, probably will have to withdraw from the project “Saltykov-Shchedrin show” on NTV, which I like very much the fact that he didn’t go satirical, and cleverly satirical. It should, of course, to continue it. Maybe a few move, to change, to endure, but the strength is there, and the doctors demanded the abandonment of all he able to refuse.

While everyone”.