Mikhail Trukhin is afraid for the safety of her daughter

Михаил Трухин боится за безопасность дочери The actor shared his feelings. Mikhail Trukhin genuinely fear for the life of his youngest daughter Sonya, who is exceptionally naive character.
Михаил Трухин боится за безопасность дочери

The actor of the Moscow art Theater. Chekhov Mikhail Trukhin three children, two from his first marriage Egor and Darya people are adults, independent. But the youngest daughter Anya was born in a second marriage in 2008.

Becoming a father for the third time in 36 years, Michael has admitted that he experienced a completely new feeling – “I am exploring the world with her”, – says Mikhail Trukhin. However, the actor admitted that he really fears for his daughter because she is too open, kind and naive girl.

“She is very good girl. If it will fit on the street by a stranger, she went with him without hesitation. It makes us wonder, of course. Abroad she manages to find friends in a radius of twenty meters after five minutes after turned out to be in this place”, – said Mikhail Trukhin.
Михаил Трухин боится за безопасность дочери

In recognition of the actor, the girl has a lot of different abilities – not only is she very sociable, but also good draws, but also enjoys winter sports and generally brings parents, of course, more happiness than anxiety. According to Mikhail Trukhin, Sonja is certainly a scholar, so the exact science it is not really good: “Problems only in the fact that mathematics does not exist for us, and perseverance in lessons is not, in this Sonia is absolutely free, hovers two inches above the ground,” says the actor about his daughter.

The two older children of Michael Trukhina have already chosen their path in life and followed in the footsteps of his father. Son Egor will soon become a chartered Director. Trukhin spoke about how much his son did late Oleg Tabakov.

“It (tobacco – approx. ed) did a lot for my son who graduated from College with honors and is now enrolled in Director Sergei Zhenovach. I know, and Oleg Pavlovich told me that fondly refers to it, appreciate as a student, and younger actor. And I have a sense of pride from the fact that there is some continuity: I was able to touch this great man and my son, too, – said Mikhail Trukhin.

The eldest daughter Dasha Trukhina this year is going to enroll in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and her famous father, as if there is no doubt that she will pass the examination.

By the way, the second wife of actor Trukhina – Anna who is younger than his 15 years, is also the education an actress. However, she left the profession. “It is, that it is not vital. Anya absolutely no acting ambitions. She iventor, and in his case very successful. From kids birthday parties can create a show. Recently organized a special day son Bones Khabensky. And for Sony, in particular, does this every year”, – said Mikhail Trukhin womanhit.ru.