Михаил Шуфутинский отказывается жениться The actor spoke about plans for the future. According to Mikhail Shufutinsky, he is still too young to get married. The star of the chanson is in a relationship with a girl many years his Junior.

Star chanson Mikhail Shufutinsky said last week the birthday. The artist was 70 years old. He tries to monitor their health, adhere to proper nutrition. On the anniversary of the artist gathered the closest friends and acquaintances. “Don’t really feel like older guy. I think he was before, and remained so. Feel good, perform regularly, travel a lot. What could be nicer?” – shared anybody.

Now he is happy with the ballet dancer Svetlana Urazova. Despite the fact that she’s younger singer for many years, in their relationship harmony reigns. However, he is in no hurry to combined with beloved in Holy matrimony.

“Why are you asking questions about the wedding? I did say once that they plan to get married? While on the agenda this question is not necessary. I was too young!” stressed anybody.

Mikhail Shufutinsky amazes fans with his drive and athletic form. He continues to dance during the songs at his concerts. “I have one rule: shut the fuck up and went. About the fashion for proper nutrition is also to say pointless. Fashion is a thing comes and goes. A good, proper behavior is. I know one thing: it is always necessary to follow him. When you’re over thirty, you need to understand that you put inside yourself! Here this rule I adhere to,” said Mikhail Zakharovich.

Anybody trying to go to the pool in order to strengthen muscles. “Sometimes they miss classes and then I regret it/ the Swimming has huge value in my life. This energy, which helps to exist. I have a great coach: she is designing me such special schemes, which strengthen the muscles of the spine, to help relax, get a good stretch. Swimming is the only sport that involves all muscle groups. Except, perhaps, the vocal cords. If you are swimming and not yelling, it’s all right,” said the actor in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

Besides, star chanson protects the throat and tries not to overtax the vocal cords. Otherwise, the next day it’s hard for him to talk.