Mikhail Shufutinsky pining for his dead wife

Михаил Шуфутинский тоскует по умершей жене This year, the famous singer celebrates anniversary. About three years ago Mikhail Shufutinsky lost wife Margaret, with whom he lived for a dozen years. Today, the star with awe reminisces about the woman he loves, meant a lot to him.

One of the heroes of the new edition of “One day”, which will show in the NTV on Saturday, February 3, was Mikhail Shufutinsky. This year, the legendary singer turns 70. His birthday he will celebrate on April 13.

In the broadcast of Michael Z. tells of a difficult childhood in the postwar period, first jobs, and life in the far East, getting married and severe loss of a loved one. In January 1971, the singer has legalized relationship with the beloved Margarita. The couple had two sons, David and Anton. Over a long period of time anybody lived in two countries, but in the beginning of the two thousandth decided to move to Russia. Beloved stars of the Margaret remained in the United States.

In 2015 the wife of anybody died in Los Angeles. On the death of beloved singer found out when he was on tour in Israel. Michael Z. has canceled all performances and went to relatives in America. Several years after the loss of beloved Michael Z. continues with the thrill of it to remember. The actor admits that he was extremely hard since leaving the life of Margaret, with whom he had been married for 44 years.

“We have a lot of time has been apart. Sometimes when I see how, for example, decorate the bridge across the Moscow river, still think we need to call and say… Stop. Who can I call? Where are you going to call? – reflects the artist. – It is necessary to live, to live.”

In addition to Mikhail Shufutinsky, in the filming took part well-known actress of theatre and cinema Elena Valyushkina. The artist remembers as experienced fallen on her fame after the film by Mark Zakharov “Formula of love” and tells of a secret to fans, the move, the breakup with Alexander Yatsko and forced the driver’s experience. In addition, star will share how several times tried to have a child, and also tells of the serious illness of his son, which had to change their place of residence.

Your “Someday” I will say and actor Alexander Tyutin, who played in the Comedy “Operetta captain Krutov”. Now he’s starring in the romance “Ambulance”. A man will remember the hard times when he was without a job and also tell about your house. According to Tyutin, dwelling – confirmation of self-realization in the profession. By the way, today he is happily married to Irina, but have not yet experienced the joy of fatherhood. The artist explains why not having children.