Mikhail Shufutinsky commented on the wedding with young lover

Михаил Шуфутинский прокомментировал свадьбу с молодой возлюбленной The singer meets the dancer of his ballet show. According to Mikhail Shufutinsky, he is not ready for official registration of marriage. However, Roman men with Svetlana Urazova confirmed by some friends of the musician.
Михаил Шуфутинский прокомментировал свадьбу с молодой возлюбленной

Mikhail Shufutinsky never denied that in his life there was only one beloved woman – wife Margaret. They lived together for more than 40 years, but in 2015, the woman died. The singer fell into a long depression, and save him from despondency could only a new passion.

Michael himself has not commented on the affair with Svetlana Urazova, a dancer who almost always performs with him on stage. The choice of the artist younger than him by almost 30 years, but it seems it did not bother the lovers. So, at the party in honor of the 70th anniversary of the artist, a young woman acted as hostess.

Representatives of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” was able to talk with wife of Joseph Kobzon, who confirmed the affair anybody with a charming blonde.

“Michael now support his children, grandchildren, family. Also, fans across the country don’t forget about it. Well, this girl is also trying to be there,” – said Nelly Kobzon.

Lovers often out together, and often they are inseparable. Knowing that their idol has found personal happiness after a family tragedy, the fans of Michael began to prepare for news about the forthcoming wedding. However, the man himself is in no hurry to officially register the relationship with Svetlana.

“Wedding? What other wedding? I’m not ready for the wedding, but I do not. I was too young for such formalities,” – confidently said anybody, talking to reporters.

Apparently, Mikhail and Svetlana do not require official registration of marriage. Young woman looking incredibly happy, next to the famous artist. She tries to be less likely to catch the eye of reporters and did not comment on personal life.

About beloved anybody knows a little bit. Svetlana was born in 1977. She has an adult daughter, which supports the choice of the mother. The dancer has long advocated together with the singer, but the novel they began only after Mikhail stood a widower.

13 APR Shufutinskogo was 70 years old, but he looks much younger than his age. According to the artist, he was able to lose at least ten pounds over the last year. Fans attribute the sudden weight loss artist and his passion for sports with a new love musician.