Михаил Пореченков до сих пор не видел свою внучку
Daughter of the eldest son of actor recently turned one year.

Mikhail Porechenkov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Mikhail Porechenkov looking forward to the visit
his only granddaughter Miloslava, which 11 may have turned one year old. Baby
with her mother — Yulia in the fall, has lived
in Tallinn. The baby’s father — actor Vladimir Lyubimtsev, now studying in the third year Schepkin school, and Porechenkov proudly emphasizes that he did himself, without any patronage from
his part.

A few years ago Julia moved to Vladimir in Moscow, but
become pregnant, decided to return to her parents in Estonia, favorite and even managed to
the height of the summer session in the second course to come to her for childbirth. Now trying
to visit his wife and daughter at every opportunity. Mikhail Porechenkov also know
all events in the life of his only grandchild – is continuously reviewing
the video, which depicted how the girl makes the first steps and tries
to say the first words. And very soon Julia Miloslava going to Moscow
and baby can finally get to know his famous grandfather, and brothers
and sisters of his dad; 18-year-old Barbara, 13-year-old Michael, 11-year-old Masha and
5-year-old Petya.

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