Mikhail Porechenkov miraculously survived after the scandal with the “Battle of psychics”

Михаил Пореченков чудом остался жив после скандала с «Битвой экстрасенсов» Stanislav Sadalsky has told a story that could happen with a colleague after its harsh remarks on the radio station. According to the actor, you don’t mess with witches and wizards as it is to anything good will not.

      Last week there was a scandal with the actor Michael Porechenkova. In one of the interviews with journalists, former presenter of “the Battle of psychics” told details about the filming of the show. According to men, many scenes were staged. Finalist of one of seasons of Vlad Kadoni was surprised at this development, because Michael then praised the supernatural powers of magicians.

      Mikhail Porechenkov provoked a scandal with a statement about “the Battle of psychics”

      Stanislav Sadalsky, learning about the sharp statement, colleagues, could not remain silent. According to the actor Porechenkova shouldn’t have called what is happening in the “Battle of psychics” lie. Sadalsky believes that the star of the TV series could incur the wrath of the mages. Celebrity even told a strange story that, apparently, was only a fiction. Thus, Stanislav hinted that capable psychics.

      “In the course of emergency of the entered plan “interception” in Moscow, was detained a well-known member of the show “Battle of psychics” Vlad Kadoni. When the detainee himself had numerous photos of Michael Porechenkova and a small human figure with a height of 7 cm with vonzennymi needle” – began his story of Stanislav.

      The actor said that last Friday Michael was returning home after a rehearsal at the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov. “In the area of the rampart he went out to buy ice cream at the supermarket, and when they returned, they found ten meters away from the car a group of former participants of the show “Battle of psychics”, performing a ritual ceremony,” continued Sadalsky.

      In the history of the actor Porechenkov, the car flew over the road, flew over the railing of the bridge and crashed into Yauza. According to Stanislav, the artist has not suffered, having time in flight to leave the car.

      “I had a chat with many participants in the program and have to disagree with the esteemed Michael, there is indeed a very strong psychics”, – shared his opinion Sadalsky.

      Subscribers stars of the theatre was divided into two camps. Some said that Porechenkov was right in his statement. “Of course, it’s a show, and sometimes manipulative, but the fact that there are strong players – that’s a fact!”, “Just business! All of these mages then for big money to open their centers, cashing in on human misery,” wrote some of the users of the social network. Others do not believe the history Sadalsky and appreciated his joke, though the man confessed that he invented the facts.