Mikhail Porechenkov is working with his son

Михаил Пореченков работает вместе с сыном

Mikhail Porechenkov son Vladimir Lubimtseva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Especially now the actor is often seen with his elder son Vladimir Lubimtseva (all Michael’s five children) on his work at the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov. After finishing the Schepkin school boyfriend was in a trainee group theatre and plays in several performances. So Porechenkov can be proud of the success of the successor dynasty.

he has an illegitimate son, Mikhail Porechenkov learned in 2009, when the boy was

The eldest of
five children of the actor is seriously involved in sports (judo and Boxing) in his native
Estonia. But on the advice of his father, after serving in the army, a young man he moved to Moscow
and enrolled in the WTU Shchepkin.

According to
Michael, his son entered the service in the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov’s absolutely deserved. There was a long parade of young
actors-graduates and in the end, Vladimir and his friend were invited to
the troupe. Also on account of the son of the actor a small role in the not yet released series and
several theatrical productions. Mikhail Porechenkov is watching his son’s success,
strongly supports it and gives only one advice: work as much as possible
and then everything will come.