Михаил Пореченков строит храм в деревне The artist tries to restore the monument, goes to all his family. Mikhail Porechenkov said “StarHit” that he was able to take in order to save the old building. The building of the temple of the XVIII century, from year to year is rapidly destroyed.

      Михаил Пореченков строит храм в деревне

      A couple of weeks ago on the First channel premiered the television series “Murka”. One of the main characters of the picture – the officer Kolyvanov, who plays a 48-year-old Mikhail Porechenkov. In addition to film work, the actor is actively engaged in charity – at the moment he’s helping to rebuild the temple, goes to all his family.

      “In the village of Petrovo Novgorod region my cottage, – says the “StarHit” Porechenkov. – Come here to relax from the urban bustle, children – 14-year-old son, Mike, 12-year-old Maria and 6-year-old Pete – especially like here. Together with his family are in the local churches. However, they left a bit, and all are in a terrible state. The main attraction of the village – the temple of the Holy great Martyr George the victorious XVIII century. It is still preserved wall paintings of the time. But it rapidly falls apart: the roof leaks, crumbling walls. The locals in the early 90-ies tried to repair it on their own. Partially inserted broken Windows, whitewashed the ceiling… But no use. The village is small, people come here only in summer. During absence of cottagers nature does not spare the building.”

      To save the temple, Porechenkov has created a Fund to collect money. Help the actor and the clergy of the neighbouring villages.

      “While our project a few months – continues to follow. – Already changed the old doors to the new, patched the roof and walls… My wife Olga joins me in this case. We participate in the restoration of another building. A few kilometers from Church of St. George stands the Church of saints Kirik and Julitta – kids love it. It is quite small, is also considered a local treasure Petrovo”.

      According to the latest census, in the village are only four people. “I think we are all on our own to restore these temples, – said Porechenkov. – May require more than one month. I guess the world is not without good people. Every resident knows about the problem in the village, talks to friends and family. After asking “how can we help you?” And here already from neighboring villages financial support arrives”.