Mikhail Porechenkov became President of the new festival

Михаил Пореченков стал президентом нового кинофестиваля
The actor headed “BITTER fest”, which will be held in Nizhny Novgorod.

Mikhail Porechenkov

Photo: Mark Steinbock

In the country there is another festival, this time actual
movie. “This year we are holding the first in Nizhny Novgorod festival BITTER
fest — said the President of the festival, actor Mikhail Porechenkov. Our
the challenge and our greatest collective desire to make truly entertaining
the event is to provide citizens the best of the current Russian
cinema. This year the festival will be short but intense, we
waiting for a full film programme, creative meetings, discussions, presentations
projects. We hope to ask the right rhythm, and that the festival will be
an annual tradition and an integral part of the cultural life of the city.”

The festival will take place from 19 to 22 July. Competition program
collected from paintings of different forms: from short films
and kinoalmanaha to experimental video and bold
documentary. “BITTER fest
event new, so we allowed ourselves to experiment and innovative content
combining short and feature films and presenting them on a par in the competitive program
“Shake” — says the producer of the festival, directed by Oksana Mikheeva. —
Solution a bold and perhaps brash, but it is dictated by our sincere
the desire to draw attention to the Russian short-length movie in which we
today many bright, marked by the talent of people – those who are already we
believe, tomorrow will be to remove a great movie”.

In the competitive program “SHAKE” involves the following
movies: BLOCKBUSTER (producer Ilya Stewart), “MEEK” (Director Sergey Loznitsa),
“KUKMORSKY BOYS” (directed by Salavat Yuzeev), “BUY ME” (directed by Vadim
Perelman), “the LITTLE TRAIN” (directed by Tamara Dondurey), “MILK” (Director
Daria Vlasova), “off RIVER” (directed by Alice Khmelnytsky), “CONTINUED
CONVERSATION. MAMLEEV” (directed by Dmitri Mamulia, Valentina Antonova), “PEPLOE” (directed by Anton Moiseenko), “PRANK” (Director Andrey Nesterenko), “SOFIJKA”
(directed by Kira Kovalenko) and “TURKISH SADDLE” (directed by Yusup Razykov).

In the “BITTER” will present their works
natives of Nizhny Novgorod: Director Alexander Veledinsky, Director Oksana
Mikheeva and actress Natalia pavlenkova. In the framework of the “BITTER” will be held
gala-premieres of Russian films: “AMUN” (directed by Anar Abbasov), “SHADOW”
(directed by Dmitry very), “APOSTASIA (Work In Progress)” (directed by Alexander
Muradov) and “BURN!” Kirill Pletnev (this picture will be the closing film
of the festival).