Mikhail politseymako’s blaming herself for not found money for treatment of his father

Михаил Полицеймако корит себя за то, что не нашел денег на лечение отца The actor said that can’t forgive herself for low income when his famous dad Semyon Farada needed a lot of care and expensive medications. At the time the star family has helped friends and other concerned people.
Михаил Полицеймако корит себя за то, что не нашел денег на лечение отца

Mikhail politseymako was born in a family of actors Seeds Farad and Maria politseymako. From early childhood the future artist often visited the theatre. Many years ago a famous dad, the actor had suffered a massive stroke which caused speech disorders. The popular favorite had to learn to walk again, due to health problems the star had to leave work.

After that, Semyon Lvovich broke her hip, he made several operations. With the actor suffered a second stroke. Michael blames himself for what could not then pay for the treatment of the star father.

“I now for the Pope would have done much more, because at 24 you’re still a boy. I remember the summer when dad had a stroke, and I was taken to the hospital. The doctor said that he can no longer work. I then received 12 thousand, and one rehabilitation cost 80. Once the bell rang at the door. On the threshold stood a strange man. I thought some realtor, and he just handed the envelope with the money: “We gathered everybody in the office”. – “And you know my dad?” “No, just going to treatment.” Another man two years took dad in his car, when I could not – he was just this love for him. Such a story can happen in any family. And the only way out is family that will at any time on your side, you will have to do,” shared politseymako.
Михаил Полицеймако корит себя за то, что не нашел денег на лечение отца

Michael admitted that he was raised by his grandmother both parents. According to politseymako, his mother, Mary, insisted that he became an actor. The artist remembered that a year before the serious illness of his father Semyon Farada has released a book that contains many stories of life.

“He lived in the mode of his past, where he worked as an engineer for two months. He had a Desk calendar on which he recorded things. The only thing I took from it is a day dream”, said Michael in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.