Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет» Showman said “StarHit”, which clarifies the relationship with his wife, why constantly undergoing psychological tests and show strictness towards girls. According to Mikhail Galustyan, heiresses, he is an indisputable authority, but to raise children a voice or put them in the corner he does not have.

      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»

      Despite the rain and traffic jams, Mikhail Galustyan on the spot the minute we met in cafe “Camerero” in the center of Moscow. On the eve of the premiere of the film “All about men” in which he acts as producer, Michael said “StarHit” about secret business, the communication with the psychologist and the reasons for not helping my brother.

      “Sometimes acting like a child”

      Michael, the summer passed, and you somehow not tanned…
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»I the past few months, only worked. In July managed to escape – flew with his wife to a weekend in Venice, this was my gift for her birthday. Holding hands, walked the streets, rode a gondola through the channels…—
      Daughters for the summer traditionally sent to the grandparents in Sochi?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»Yeah, they just came back. Tanned, happy. Estella and Elina I love these summer holidays at my parents – where they wonder: sea, garden, mom and dad come up with all sorts of entertainment. The father August 26 was the anniversary – 65 years. Unfortunately, it turned out to come only on the day of birth, and the night is ago. Gave him a chicken coop with roosters, quail. They’ve got the farm… Mom grumbled, saying, “this needs so much time to devote, in the end, all I have to do.” Dad calmly…
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»
      Parents still working or retired?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»I’m constantly trying to persuade them to do it! But the Pope, for example, need a society, a fellowship. Works because need the money, and he just likes to be in the circle of friends, like-minded people. Mom was a medic all my life, now retired. She makes her lessons at home. The more we have there, even my grandmother – she’s 92 years. Mom is watching her. Grandma labored all her life in the sanatorium – cleaned chamber, still stands the house neither light nor dawn, she washes the floors. In General, remains in good, vigorous health.—
      And with his younger brother David often able to see? You are close?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»He had a girl here – Armin. Everything already he hinted, they say, when’s the wedding? But I as a man will never insist that you will decide. While he had problems with employment, can not find a normal job. Brother after several years with me in the Comedy Club Production has returned to Sochi, said: “the Capital is for callous people!” And he is a fine psychic organization man. I think of David all along, he’s only 30. He writes, invents fantasy scenarios.—
      What you will not attract to their projects?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»Moscow is a huge city, there are such experts… I make allowances for the fact that my brother, if in the end will suffer quality! He also enjoys airsoft as I am. But for him it’s a hobby.—
      Maybe we should open can hang the Sochi branch of the Federation military and tactical games, which you head?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»I do not exclude that branch will appear. But the man who will head it, it is necessary to have more organizational skills. And David, again, be creative!—
      You do something often chosen to play “war games”?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»We have a team, even a whole block – “Recruit”. However, I recently, unfortunately, doing more administrative work. But I try to play regularly. Very popular now airsoft – weapons, where the striking element, use a normal plastic ball. Without paint, by the way – the competition for the honesty. We organize the Championships, festival of the game. This is active recreation. Don’t sit at the computer! Although I’m on the console in this kind of game cut – military-tactical.—
      Girls along with boys participate in “shootouts”?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»We are now launching their own project “Women’s division”. Held a casting, selected 20 physically stacked, psychological tests approved girls who can shoot, jump, run and know the history of Russia.—
      How do you even like to relax?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»In the winter – bath in the summer – the beach. This, however, did not lie down. Prepared actively painting “All about men”. Plus we had a busy schedule with Alexander Revva – we toured with concerts. This year, 17 years of our friendship. Families communicate. Go on holidays to each other, on birthdays, including children’s.—
      Many of your friends in the shop are opening restaurants. But few people know that place, where we are now, so…
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»I’m just not embraced this fact, a person is not put on the sign. Carefully about the food business, the market is very difficult. You can run into dishonest competitors, which will throw you to the plate a fly and trumpeted: “we were in the restaurant Galustyan, and there do not understand what’s in the food!” And it will play havoc with my image of the artist. In this case, with “Emergency”, I am more trusted partner in the film company Armen Ananikyan. He is more engaged in this direction. I have enough projects: film, television, the Federation of hotel business in Sochi.
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»
      The wife complains that you are almost home does not happen?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»Oh, she did not before, I have children married. And psychology engaged, is learning, practicing…—
      Is it not finished yet?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»How to speak Chinese sages, this activity can be finished, you can move on to the next level.—
      Wife fulfills you psychological techniques?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»Vika told me that they have a rule: do not bring into the house. But sometimes I notice that it is differently formulated questions. For example, initially gives three possible answers. My choice depends on what conclusion she’ll do. From the series “what do you like more – tomato or cucumber?” How to ask, sometimes, for no reason at all. Sometimes it seems that the right psychological tests pass.—
      Recently you have graduated from Law Academy. Useful as new knowledge?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»In the preparation of contracts. If you had completely relied on lawyers, now don’t he shy examine the contract, to talk about the discrepancy, to give corrections.—
      Lawyers save?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»I’m still not quite professional – graduated from the institution, and the practice-then no. Now whenever I see a legal mistake, I focus on it attention. Not even in your papers do it. Like a child who learned the letters, goes and reads the sign. He also learned, can not afford!—
      You admitted that you are very emotional. With Vika swear?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»There are rather just a disagreement… All girls is a bit non-punctual. And I’m extremely mandatory. Can remark to make. “Enough with the so long get together,” for example. These little “outbursts” and is life, life.—
      How long can drag showdown?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»I am a very easily appeased, Victoria generally non-confrontational, peaceful, and loving. Immediately put up.—
      Next year you have a birthday – 10 years of marriage. That usually give each other for the holidays?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»The right things. In this sense we are practical people. The wife buys what I will order. Tell her, “Vic, give me a walk with you in the Park.” Or implying that a purse had been worn down… And give her the money, but regardless of the occasion or not. That has not turned out that I did not guess the gift in the color or type of fastener. She then comes in and says: “Look, Misha, what are you to me beautiful bag bought!”—
      Budget guiding you?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»Yeah, he’s in my good hands! There is money that a spouse disposes of a priori – it means the home improvement kids in the scene. I don’t even climb. But foreign policy, the savings – it’s all on me.
      There are plans to acquire their own home? Know you for many years take shelter outside the city.
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»Periodically I think about it. But in General the crisis in the country. Wait till prices will fall.
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»
      Your eldest daughter Estella on 25 August was 6 years old. Probably all getting ready for school?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»I like men quite stereotypical thinking on the subject: type the child has 6-7 years to go to school, so at the end he had a year to think, to choose Institute. Or immediately after the 9th class to go to the Academy, to finish it… But since we have girls, and the thought crept in: maybe in 8 years to give to the school? Daughters go to the Lomonosov school. The eldest is engaged in gymnastics, swimming, music, painting. Vika their day, the maximum fills the physical and mental activity.—
      The girls are already asking for mercy?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»We agreed with them: if will be hard to do, will be to fulfill their desires. The eldest says, “Dad, I go to the gym, I’m so sad, I want rabbit!” I bought. The Junior from toy asked.—
      And they give you that?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»Your love. Make appliqué, embroider, from clay masters. Output struggling pens: “Dad, I love you!” Not always, of course, it looks presentable. But even spelled incorrectly, my text makes me smile.—
      One of you in the family more than a strict teacher?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»I! Children obey me as the ultimate authority. It happens, and the severity show. But in the corner do not put. It is enough to explain this.
      Once you have admitted that going to baptize younger – but when she reaches for it…
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»The older we immediately baptized. Elina and we have a little space man, she has her own perception of the world – on an intuitive level. So we decided that while we will not her to impose. Of course we go with girls to the Church elder takes the cross and says, “dear God”.—
      Want more children? Maybe son?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»We deal with this issue actively. Do not interfere, so to speak.
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»
      “All about men” – your seventh producer project! And you, as far as I know, they believe in numbers…
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»Wow! Finally came the time when I got confused about the number of projects. It’s probably an indicator. Not always good, though. Seven is a lucky number. She married 07.07.07. In General, attachment to numbers is usually after some life experience. With the school, student’s years. Maybe my kid got a ticket with that number and where it all went.—
      What qualities, in your opinion, should have a real man? May feel lack of some of them?
      Михаил Галустян: «Жена все время меня проверяет»I’m a balanced person so that I just enough. Lacking only time. And like a man think it is formed. A man should be decent – at least in front of him. To the extent well-mannered. Although sometimes the absence of certain qualities may be supplemented by other. For example, not be educated, but generous.—
      The main role in the film is played by Dmitry Nagiyev. Why is it?
      Let’s start with the fact that he’s a real man. Plus, of course, we are friends. Met on the set of “the best film”. Then I went to see him play “Kysya”. Communicated. He said, “Mishan, you’re done! “Our rush” I’m right respect.” I also like what he does as a comedian. Maintain relationships outside work sites. And, of course, let’s be regarded Dima, at least in my case of choice, as mega man. Perhaps he is now No. 1 man. After me, of course.

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