Mikhail Galustyan lit at the wedding of the younger brother

Михаил Галустян зажег на свадьбе младшего брата A magnificent celebration was held in one of the restaurants of Sochi. A close relative of Michael Galustyan David married his sweetheart Armine. The showman gave to understand that incredibly happy for the newlyweds. Fans admire the beauty of his new cousin.
Михаил Галустян зажег на свадьбе младшего брата

Saturday, September 9, in the family of a showman and actor Mikhail Galustyan was a joyful event – the younger brother of the star of David got married to his sweetheart, a girl named Armine.

A magnificent celebration of steam rolled into his hometown of Sochi, inviting friends and family to the restaurant “Pirosmani”. Judging by the fact that the couple had rented a Banquet hall with a capacity of 450 people, wishing to share their joy on the occasion of the creation of the family were many.

Mikhail Galustyan congratulated brother David with an important event, posted a video touching dance of the young in his microblog. “Married sibling” – succinctly commented on the story of a showman.

However, other guests of this beautiful holiday was more generous with pictures and videos, telling about the wedding of David and Armine in microblogs. Through their reports from the event and you can judge how sincere and it’s been a fun celebration. The restaurant hall was decorated with fresh flowers – peony roses, eustoma delicate shades. Of the colors was performed place, huge vases with compositions were embellished with the passage of the ballroom, the flowers were on the tables the bride and groom and their guests.

Fans of Michael Galustyan was glad for the 31-year-old brother of the artist. They admired the beauty and grace of the bride of David. In addition, the followers found that the girl has great taste. They loved it and the wedding dress and the groom.

“Council Yes love! Happiness young”, “A beautiful couple! May God grant them happiness!”, “Armin beautiful!”, “The bride – gorgeous! Your eyes”, “may God grant them pure love and strong health!”, “Very nice! Long years together!” – I wish the newlyweds the Network users.

Brother of Michael Galustyan David Galustyan also do not lack talent. The young man played in KVN, was a member of the Sochi team “South of nowhere”. Later, Michael helped David to get a job in Moscow and implement creativity. David kaloustian wrote the screenplay for the film “Gift”, which starred his brother Michael in the role of Michael.. Currently David Galustyan is working in “Comedy club Production”. The young wife of David Armine professional photographer.