Mikhail Galustyan bought daughters friend

Михаил Галустян купил дочкам друга
The comedian brought the house rabbit.

Михаил Галустян купил дочкам друга

Mikhail Galustyan with his daughters

Photo: a Frame from the program “KVN”, the First channel

Michael and Victoria Galustyan long kept the defense in front of her 5-year-old Estella and 4-year-old Elina: those requested for a pet, which would take care begged to “get someone”. Finally, the parents broke down, and they surrendered! Michael said many times that fulfills all wishes of his wife and daughters.

Victoria went to one of the best pet stores in Moscow and bought a white rabbit. All the way to a new home the rabbit was sitting on her hands and trembled. With one hand she had to hold and stroke the skittish animal to calm down. Which, of course, was not very comfortable, because Victoria itself drives a car.


Photo: Instagram

The wife of the humorist — a pretty active user of social networks, so I immediately took a picture of the front crawl, named the long-Awaited, And at the same time asked the subscribers of the Council: “I’ve Heard that rabbits in captivity have to live in pairs. What do you say?”

So it is possible that very soon Estella and Elina will become the happy owners of not one but two bunnies, because fans of family Galustyan Victoria confirmed that one rabbit will be very lonely.

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