У Михаила Ефремова родился внук
Niece of the famous actor Olga Efremova gave birth to a son.

У Михаила Ефремова родился внук

Olga Efremova

Photo: “7 Days”

In the family of Mikhail Efremov, who recently got married
with his wife Sophia, had another feast! Niece of the actor,
Olga Efremova, Italy gave birth to a son. The kid actress appeared in one of
clinics of Italy, where she lives with her husband, Italian businessman Alessandro

For Olga’s first child: happy mother called
the newborn son of Arseny and said that the baby’s weight was 3300
grams, and height — 54 cm. Unlike many of his peers,
who are becoming mothers, are limited to simple messages in microblogging,
Olga Efremova in detail described what she went through. Birth of stars
TV series “cadets” were not easy, and before Arseny was born,
Olga had to go through the anguish and unbearable pain.

“Bore. I’m in utter shock. I can’t neither sleep nor
move. In the first shock of pain. Well, I did not expect it to be so
hurt. Unbearable, — said Olga. — Never in life of such pain are not
experienced. At some point, I had done the epidural, but I don’t
felt almost no difference. And in the end, when the eighth hour has come
the time attempts, I was just exhausted with this pain.”

Olga Efremova

Photo: Instagram

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