Mikhail Efremov remembered how she got the cuffs from his father

Михаил Ефремов вспомнил, как получал подзатыльники от отца The actor believes that the parent was engaged in the assault only in the case. Mikhail Efremov told about the relationship with their star dad Oleg Efremov. The artist calls it a kind person who sometimes “included antiobama”.
Михаил Ефремов вспомнил, как получал подзатыльники от отца

Famous actor and Director, founder of theatre “the Contemporary” Oleg Efremov October 1, would have turned 90 years old. In the Studio of the program “Tonight” gathered members of his family, friends and colleagues. They all reminisced about his meetings with the legendary personality, talked about his incredible talent, incredible energy and charisma, telling a little-known incidents from the life of the master.

Especially valuable are the memoirs of Oleg Yefremov of his children, particularly son of a famous actor Mikhail Efremov. He spoke about his relationship with his father, whom he considers a very kind person.

Михаил Ефремов вспомнил, как получал подзатыльники от отца“It is true that the Pope could include such antiobama that rotten everything. He just sat there, silent, – says Mikhail Efremov. – He really knew how to use it in relations with the authorities, but sometimes tried to do it with me and her sister Anastasia. Me is always fun. “Come, stand here,” he said strictly, and I with laughter ran. I didn’t believe in it.”
Михаил Ефремов вспомнил, как получал подзатыльники от отца

Michael O. also remembered how in high school, he wrote weekly reports for dad at his special request. “This practice started dad. And I wrote for him – asked me so many times, got so many “fours”, so many “threes”, I promise I won’t get… It usually lasted two months” – with a smile told Efremov.

The actor told about how his father a couple of times he raised his hand. Michael has hinted that he envies him for that because getting.

Михаил Ефремов вспомнил, как получал подзатыльники от отца“We had a skirmish was my fault. When I was 14 and we have for the New year I got drunk with a friend and puke all over the landing… That talk to me about this? He gave a slap, and I remember it for a lifetime,” said Mikhail Efremov.

There were the father and son disagreement about creativity. Oleg Yefremov gave advice to his successor on how to be reincarnated as a particular character, and it did not always correctly. “When I rehearse Chatsky in “Woe from wit”, my father said to me: “You see, he knew six foreign languages and know algebra, physics, know how to draw, dancing… All this is not for you. You have to play in the pursuit of this” – with a smile said Mikhail Efremov.

It is worth noting that each story of the son of the father was filled with light sadness and love to the parent, departed to the other world seventeen years ago. It is felt that these memories alive and apparently they are passed from mouth to mouth in the famous family.