Mikhail Efremov married wife

Михаил Ефремов обвенчался с женой The actor and his wife established the Union before God. Mikhail Efremov and Sophia Kruglikova were a sacred rite in one of the temples. Details of happy events in the family of the celebrated artist, has shared his close friend Ivan Okhlobystin.

      Михаил Ефремов обвенчался с женой

      Mikhail Yefremov and his wife Sofya Kruglikova decided to seal their Union in heaven. Witnesses ordinances was the actor Ivan Okhlobystin with his wife. It was he shared with all the fans such an important event in the life of their friend and colleague.

      “By the grace of God the boys got hitched! Many good years to Mikhail and Sofia!”, – Okhlobystin wrote in microblogging, and published a video in which was depicted an excerpt of the wedding ceremony.

      Fans were surprised that after so many years of marriage, Michael and Sophia decided to get married.

      “A great sacrament! A lot of the summer. Love and all the beautiful in all times and until the end of time”, “Michael O. understands what kind of responsibility takes over. Well, thank God!” “A very serious step!” – glad members and rushed to congratulate Michael and Sophia.

      Now Michael and Sophia have three children – two daughters, Faith and Hope, and son Boris. However, in recognition of the children’s father, he does not take an active part in the upbringing of the heirs. He thought that might teach them “bad”.

      “I have a rather laissez-faire”, said Michael in an interview. – “I don’t spend so much time with them. I’m very busy. Get up in the morning, and they already went to school, come home from work, and they’re already asleep”.

      Moreover, from previous marriages, the actor has three more children. Two sons are already adults. Senior Nikita went in his father’s footsteps and also became an actor. Behind his shoulders already have one marriage with a colleague on the scene, Yana Gladkikh, which only lasted a year. Despite the fact that couple quite a long time knew each other for two years, young people met, and then decided to get married, to live together, they could not.

      “In the summer the guys had a fight, – shared with “StarHit” a friend of the couple Sergei chukreev. – Really got into things, it turned into a scandal. In General, for them it is uncommon. That’s really who is perfect for each other – both are level-headed and open. Some days they talked, and then Yana alone flew to rest: give the faithful time to realize that he is wrong. Now their relationship was better, but the wedding ring Ian never wears”.

      Video posted @psykero1477 18 May 2016 at 5:02 PDT

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