Mikhail Efremov gave his voice to Kevin spacey

Михаил Ефремов подарил свой голос Кевину Спэйси
The actor voiced the cat and human at the same time.

Михаил Ефремов подарил свой голос Кевину Спэйси

Mikhail Efremov

Photo: Press service

Actor Mikhail Yefremov followed the example of Oleg Tabakov, who gave his voice of a cartoon Cat Matroskin. For the first time, the actor took part in dubbing
foreign film “Nine lives” and voiced the character of Kevin spacey, who played two roles: the man and the cat.

Glavny the hero of the movie Barry Sonnenfeld “Nine lives” the Brand is a billionaire, with his head immersed in the case. Even the gift of a beloved daughter Rebecca he buys at the last moment! Girl dreams about a cat, Tom is not happy, but still went to the pet store and picks the most luxurious cat named Mr. Fluffy Pants.

Tom’s in a hurry for my daughter’s party that… an accident. And waking up, finds himself in the body of this cat. And while the man slept in the hospital, Tom — Furry Pants forced in their own skin to experience all the delights of animal life. He will have to regain the love of a family, to remain a pet forever. Fortunately, his wife (Jennifer garner) and her daughter take the cat as my own.

Duplicate the main character of the film Michael Efremov took with interest. “First, I didn’t do it,” says the actor. — Second,
I remember that when I was young, I
was jealous of Nikolai Petrovich Karachentseva because he was voiced by Belmondo. And
I am delighted that Kevin spacey has heard me the first time and as a person and as a cat. I didn’t even have to change the voice, voicing the cat, although I
initially thought about it. But spacey’s voice does not change, and there is no
he is a great actor”.

Photo: Press service