Михаил Ефремов подарил свой голос Кевину Спэйси
The actor voiced the cat and human at the same time.

Михаил Ефремов подарил свой голос Кевину Спэйси

Mikhail Efremov

Photo: Press service

Actor Mikhail Yefremov followed the example of Oleg Tabakov, who gave his voice of a cartoon Cat Matroskin. For the first time, the actor took part in dubbing
foreign film “Nine lives” and voiced the character of Kevin spacey, who played two roles: the man and the cat.

Glavny the hero of the movie Barry Sonnenfeld “Nine lives” the Brand is a billionaire, with his head immersed in the case. Even the gift of a beloved daughter Rebecca he buys at the last moment! Girl dreams about a cat, Tom is not happy, but still went to the pet store and picks the most luxurious cat named Mr. Fluffy Pants.

Tom’s in a hurry for my daughter’s party that… an accident. And waking up, finds himself in the body of this cat. And while the man slept in the hospital, Tom — Furry Pants forced in their own skin to experience all the delights of animal life. He will have to regain the love of a family, to remain a pet forever. Fortunately, his wife (Jennifer garner) and her daughter take the cat as my own.

Duplicate the main character of the film Michael Efremov took with interest. “First, I didn’t do it,” says the actor. — Second,
I remember that when I was young, I
was jealous of Nikolai Petrovich Karachentseva because he was voiced by Belmondo. And
I am delighted that Kevin spacey has heard me the first time and as a person and as a cat. I didn’t even have to change the voice, voicing the cat, although I
initially thought about it. But spacey’s voice does not change, and there is no
he is a great actor”.

Photo: Press service

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