Mikhail Derzhavin has told about his hospitalization

Михаил Державин рассказал о своей госпитализации In the early autumn of last year it became known that the folk artist was hospitalized in one of hospitals of Moscow. It soon became clear that the doctors conducted several studies and artist became easier. But now the man was again forced to seek help from professionals and to pass all the necessary tests.

      Михаил Державин рассказал о своей госпитализации

      People’s artist of Russia Mikhail Derzhavin was already a few years of struggling with coronary heart disease. The disease does not allow the idol of many admirers of his work to fully enjoy life and do what you love. Recently it became known that a celebrity has ceased to appear in the Theatre of satire. The audience cannot see the actor’s performances, so many wondered what happened to Derzhavin.

      Mikhail Derzhavin was in the hospital

      “StarHit” contacted the artist and found out that Mikhail was decided to be examined, because in the last few months, health much sums it up. Repeatedly the man was hospitalized, what was the occasion for discussion in secular circles. At this time, 80-year-old actor chose not to delay, and as soon as possible to learn about your condition.

      “They are in the Clinic of medical nutrition on Horoshevka. I have last months there were problems with pressure. Said it was due to the extra weight. Decided not to play Russian roulette and go to the doctors. I do IV infusions and injections, so the condition has stabilized. My lovely wife Roxanne tries to come in the evenings. It brings a lot of fruit, we chat. I hope that by the end of the month I get out of here!” – shared Derzhavin with “StarHit”.
      Михаил Державин рассказал о своей госпитализации

      By the way, the last time a man was taken by ambulance in September of last year. Then the health of the actor was never in danger, but he felt unwell. Doctors diagnosed a number of diseases that celebrity had to fight. But fortunately for the family of the artist, he quickly went on the mend, and soon he was discharged.

      Wife Derzhavin, Roksana Babayan always follows him and tries not to leave one. Man am sincerely grateful to the wife for the patience she shows with him. He is quite difficult to do some things independently, so the woman does not refuse assistance to a beloved man, with whom they have been married for more than 35 years.

      Михаил Державин рассказал о своей госпитализации

      Note that Derzhavin still can not forget that day when he first saw his future wife. This meeting was crucial, especially because the man had no idea how many tests will drop out on its share in the last several years. “Accidentally met on the plane charming young woman – Roxanne Babayan. I then ran a radio music show and hear how well she sings. For a few vacation days we became friends. Arrived in Moscow and went on tour in Africa for three months. The meeting took place in the sky, hence, the marriage is registered in heaven” – shared Derzhavin in an interview.