Mikhail Derzhavin has supported close Spartaka Mishulina after his death

Михаил Державин поддерживал близких Спартака Мишулина после его смерти On Wednesday, the media had spread the sad news that the people’s artist of Russia passed away after an illness. The famous actor has dedicated the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Colleagues of Mikhail Derzhavin shared their memories about him.
Михаил Державин поддерживал близких Спартака Мишулина после его смерти

Today in the Theater of satire reported the sad news. Oldest leading actor of the cultural institutions Mikhail Derzhavin died at the age of 81 after a long illness. Farewell to the famous artist will be held on Monday. It is known that Derzhavin was buried in the Novodevichy cemetery next to his father. Friends and colleagues of Mikhail Mikhaylovich gathered in the Studio of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” to honor his memory.

Died Mikhail Derzhavin

“Of course, the reason heavy, but about Mikhail Mikhailovich wants to talk only with a smile. He is so firmly associated with humor, irony in the role that life. I went to the theater with caution, but he met me with an open mind. He came up with stories that we were related… I’m always bribing his drawings,” recalls the actress Alyona Yakovleva.
Михаил Державин поддерживал близких Спартака Мишулина после его смерти

Viktor Zinchuk said that Derzhavin once introduced him in “the Blue spark”. “We have repeatedly met with him then. Now sandperl not to come, the pathos… And he was surprisingly friendly to all. Roxanne was a guardian angel Mikhail Mikhailovich, such a warm communication”, – said the musician.

At the end of 2017 Derzhavin published the book “I am lucky. Remember, smile a little bit sad” and thanked the doctors Botkin hospital, recalled Andrei Malakhov. The presenter also noted that today the colleagues of Mikhail Mikhailovich in the theater Satire, all day I remember it. Karina Mishulina, which knew from childhood Derzhavin, got in touch with the Studio gear.

“This terrible news shocked me. Amazing, wonderful, kind person, which only the warmest memories. Indeed, my childhood was practically in his lap – was sitting behind the scenes, went on tour. My father was friends with Derzhavin – they are always each other’s support, we went to visit. After the departure of Pope Mikhail kept calling me asking how we are,” said the actress.
Михаил Державин поддерживал близких Спартака Мишулина после его смерти

Valentine Sharykina admitted that he cried after learning of the death of Derzhavin. “Life is so constituted that we are all little by little go away. Each of us is waiting for, but it still hurts… He was a very kind man with him was always easy. He never shouted at other people, prefer to get rid jokes,” said the actress.

Zoya Zelinskaya called Roxana Babayan December 31, to support her. “The entire theater of Satire praying for your health. Bow at the waist, thank you for Misha” – with these words the actress turned to his wife Derzhavin.