Mikhail Boyarsky told the truth about the family quarrels of his daughter

Михаил Боярский рассказал всю правду о ссорах в семье его дочери
The actor shared his thoughts about the imminent divorce of Elizabeth and Maxim Matveyev.

Mikhail Boyarsky


Mikhail Boyarsky told the reporters of the program “You would not believe” about the relationship of his daughter Elizabeth with her husband Maxim matveevym. Lately in the media circulates the theme of the allegedly impending and inevitable divorce of star pair. Michael says that Elizabeth and max, like most spouses sometimes find out the relationship, but about any breakup out of the question. Boyar with great warmth comments about Maxim, calling him a “real man.”

Michael also told about his participation in the education of grandson Andrew (son of Elizabeth and maxima). The famous actor loves to interact with the heir of his daughter and admits that often spoils him with gifts. “We do not Lisp with each other. He treats me like a man. Trusts me and knows I will not harm him. But much of what I do for him he is bad: I let him watch cartoons, give him the extra likely gifts. I let him to do everything. And that his parents punished severely…” — said Michael.

His son, Elizabeth and max is completely shielded from the attention of strangers and don’t show him photos or social networks or social events. Michael told that apparently Andrew looks just like his dad, and the character took over my mother’s.

By the way, after the New year, Michael will go on a journey with his grandson. With him fly and his wife Larissa Luppian, but Elizabeth and max will stay home to have the opportunity to be with each other alone.