Mikhail Boyarsky told how raising a grandchild

Михаил Боярский рассказал, как воспитывает внука
The actor admitted that he loves to laugh and play a little Andryusha.

With daughter Lisa

Photo: Andrew Fedechko

Mikhail Boyarsky doted of a grandson Andrew the son of the daughter of the artist Elizabeth Boyar.

“When now I Basilashvili calls and says: “Bear, I saw your daughter… stunning” — I am very pleased — says boyar. But really happy not even that. And the fact that Lisa’s family, she has a son. This is its main success.”

When her grandson is a year, Gorbachev staged the whole performance: dressed in a white suit, wearing a white hat, sang songs of The Beatles on the white guitar. “Andrew woke up, looked at us very grown up and realized that he was in a crazy family — the entire ceiling in balloons, jumping grandfather, grandmother jumps… Seems like it was only yesterday, but the other day Andrew was five years old,” says Boyarsky. The actor admits that his grandson is not one of those prodigies, who from infancy gnaw granite science. He is an ordinary boy, loves cartoons, loves to eat and go to bed. Loves the designers, maybe a day to build different structures. “Ideally, when next to him, his dad — actor says. Maxime, too, turned to technology, he has Golden hands: screw, shave, sculpt, build — he has a talent for it. Here they are together as you sit — it is better not to approach. Well, I’m a teacher superficial, I like to joke, naughty, play, mock. To me Andrew is laughing… And I love to watch him. This great time — childhood! But it passes so quickly! Life is… I seem to be quite recently caught newts in the fountain, climb on roofs, climb up with the boys on “rasrochka”… And now look at the grandson or granddaughter, how delighted they are listening to the whistles of steamers, jump on the trampoline, slide down the slide and pour water from a hose… These fresh, new people! Looking at them, and we with Larissa to feel happy. Larissa, by the way, was a brilliant grandmother. Now she teaches English because it is useful for Andrey. I think, for the beloved grandson she even Chinese easy to learn. I such feats is not capable of…”

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