Mikhail Boyarsky does not allow her daughter to divorce

Михаил Боярский не разрешает дочери развестись

Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev were married nearly six years ago and has long been considered the perfect couple, until they started to live separately. For many months the husband and wife are resident in different cities. Elizabeth moved to St. Petersburg, and Maxim and lives in the capital. At first they were covered by strong employment, but friends of the couple claim that they would have long since divorced, if not the father of Lisa Mikhail Boyarsky.

“Maxim and Lisa broke up several months ago by mutual desire. Just love time passed, maybe influenced life in the two cities. Of course, parting with Maxim she could not hide from my colleagues, because her husband was an important part of her life. When Lisa came to the theatre without a wedding ring and she asked a direct question – not to make excuses, admitted that their marriage Matveev came to an end. They are even ready to officially divorce, but her father Mikhail Boyarsky does not allow them to do this – said pier, it is necessary to observe the honour of the family. Perhaps he will get better, that everything sterpitsja-sljubitsja again and all will be well. Besides Michael sorry grandson Andrew, whom he loves. They are very close, often walking together, doing homework” — said the employee of Petersburg Sergey MDT Turuntsev.
That in the relations of the spouses no more of the fire, and guessed on the set of the film “Indemnity”, where Elizabeth and max played starring roles. On the quality of their work is not affected – after all they are professionals, but family problems from prying eyes to hide could not.
Colleagues Maxim also does not hide the fact that he broke up with his wife. The actor himself admitted it, though in Moscow the troupe of the Moscow art theatre, where he plays, and think about family crisis artists I went to, but I could tell he was very nervous. Colleagues Maxim hope that they Lisa it will get better. Matveev is very worried about his son, who now lives with his mother in St. Petersburg. That husband and wife have not filed for divorce, in the company consider it a good sign – means that there is still a chance to save the family.
Journalists managed to learn that Boyarsky recently hired a nanny so as not to burden parents with concerns about their grandson. Middle-aged woman teaches Andrew English, brings them to music lessons and sports. Elizabeth herself almost all the time after work spends with his son, and to keep everyone guessing about her break-up with Matveev, after each visit, the joint puts new pictures on his page on the social network. It is necessary to “guard the honor of the family”.

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