Mikhail Boyarsky debut as host of “Minute of Fame”

Михаил Боярский дебютирует в качестве ведущего «Минуты Славы»
The First channel starts the jubilee season of the show.

Михаил Боярский дебютирует в качестве ведущего «Минуты Славы»

The first channel is the premiere of the jubilee season of the show
of talents “Moment of glory” with which the Russian audience for the first time met 10
years ago. All project participants have a unique gift, striking
imagination abilities that leave no one indifferent.
“Minute of fame” — the Russian version of the famous format of Britain’s Got Talent,
localized in dozens of countries.

Михаил Боярский дебютирует в качестве ведущего «Минуты Славы»

To evaluate the performances: Sergei Yursky, Vladimir Pozner,
Sergei Svetlakov and Renata Litvinova. Leading anniversary season — Mikhail Boyarsky.

On the set of the first program, the participants managed to impress the audience and
in the hall, and the jury. 11-year-old double-jointed acrobats of Anfisy Pavlovsk Posad admired Renata Litvinova. I had the impression that the girl has no bones! Brutal
weightlifter from Chelyabinsk Igor scared everyone in the room, starting to juggle the rod, and then the tires from the wheels of cars.
One tire Igor dropped, and fortunately, she flew off to the side

Михаил Боярский дебютирует в качестве ведущего «Минуты Славы»

Another gymnast, Tina, managed to impress everyone not only with skill. All pirouettes
in the air the girl sang, being suspended by their hair, attached to a special fixture. Vladimir Pozner, looking like the actress is all
the body rests on the spit, grabbed his head.
And after the show the illusionist Victor from Mogilev spectators have come to
confusion. Under a special device — the spinning fan blades-guillotines — the magician ran a box in which were two girls. In the end, the box was gone. And assistant on stage did not appear. Svetlakov grimly joked that Victor may have
use assistants as expendable.

Hundreds of applicants for participation in the anniversary season of “Minutes”
underwent a rigorous off-air casting and is ready to reveal to the audience the First different facets of human capabilities. The winner in all-Russian finals will
glory and a big cash prize.