Михаил Боярский обнажил торс и отказался от знаменитой шляпы

If you mention the name Mikhail Boyarsky, what image you are immediately drawn in the head? Surely, black hat, black clothes and a scarf “Zenith” on the neck.

Once diluted the image of the actor in our heads came from a group of St. Petersburg artists “Mitki” who created a portrait of a star in the style of past eras.

On its creation, the authors said the Boyar, and he decided to personally make a gift to the guys, thanked them and agreed to do a photo for memory. Here on this commemorative picture boyar surprised everyone around, because it appeared without the famous hat and bare chested.

It is impossible not to notice that Michael is in good physical shape.

Note the portrait of boyar became a gift for the year of the movie, which is celebrated in Russia. The plans of the artists to paint and other famous actors from St. Petersburg.

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