Михаил Богдасаров покаялся перед супругой после измен The actor along with his wife Raisa were the heroes of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev. A few years ago, Michael left his wife and went to the young mistress. After five years of living with a girl, the artist returned to the family, but Raisa did not believe in the sincerity of feelings Bogdasarova.
Михаил Богдасаров покаялся перед супругой после измен

Loud divorce of Michael Bagdasarova with his wife, Raisa, with whom he lived for more than 20 years, rattled all over the country. The artist has repeatedly admitted in an interview that he loved the legal wife and is ready to build a new relationship with a young mistress Victoria. The sons of actor condemned famous father, for Sergey and Anton’s act to the head of the family was tantamount to treason – and their mother.

Five years Bogdasarov cohabited with a girl, but then I realized that made a mistake and went back to his ex-wife, which he… took.

Today, Raisa suspects that Michael is cheating on her. According to women, the actor does not feel her feelings and at any moment ready to change it. The couple decided to find out the relationship in the program “really”.

“He came back to me, realizing that he loves me or he has a habit? I came here to figure out for yourself eventually, I forgave him or not,” said the woman.
Михаил Богдасаров покаялся перед супругой после измен

Raisa admitted that after breaking up with her husband for a long time was in a severe depression. According to her, she’s a few months crying, left work. Today the deceived wife calls that time life in a fog.

The woman noted that the children really hate a celebrity dad.

“They were very unhappy, was against his father set up. Didn’t want to accept it. My mother was very fond of Mike, maybe even stronger than me… she had heart disease for almost a year I hid from her for our breakup and divorce. Mom wanted us to be together, but not in time to see again”, – told Raisa.
Михаил Богдасаров покаялся перед супругой после измен

Cheating husband came back suddenly. According to her memories, five years after the divorce, the actor call, asked how I was doing, said he wanted his family back. Raisa took Bogdasarova back…

Soon in the Studio, the program and the actor himself. Michael said that he met with Victoria in one of the social networks during the tour. Artist so fascinating correspondence with her that he immediately after his return to Moscow, invited a “virtual” friend in the theater. According to Bagdasarov, long time between him and Victoria was just friendship.

“We have sex for a very long time was not. But as soon as I had physical intimacy with Victoria… the next day I took the wife out and told her I’m leaving”, – said the actor.

Bogdasarov explained to the experts and guests of the program, he decided to return to the family home because young sweetheart was often verbally abused and not respected. Experts asked Michael a series of questions, after which it became clear that an artist experiences a physical attraction to a former lover, and wife indifferent. Also, the detector showed Bogdasarov has changed Raisa and with other women. “I returned to rice to continue to build a family, continue. I have quite a positive attitude”, – confessed the actor.

At the end of the program Bogdasarov said that Raisa suspects infidelity. In his opinion, a woman could have a relationship during their divorce.

“You had a relationship with a man during our separation? With some artist, for example? Somehow, I’m sure that Raisa had other…” asked Michael.

Raisa told Michael that it was not involved in relations with other men. The answer women have been truthful.