Михаил Богдасаров признался, почему вернулся к жене после измены The actor became the hero of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Bogdasarov told how he left his wife after twenty years of marriage and went to the young mistress. Soon, however, returned to his marriage.
Михаил Богдасаров признался, почему вернулся к жене после измены

Mikhail Bogdasarov known to spectators on films “the Simple truth”, “My fair nanny”, “Star era”, “Chesnochnitsy” and many other projects. Despite a successful career, personal life, the artist was not always happy.

Bogdasarov married at 24 years old, a simple girl Raisa. According to the recollections of Michael, the first sight he realized she was his destiny. Soon the lovers legalized relationships. Two years later, the couple was born the first son, and then was born the second heir to Anton. In recognition of the actor, his wife loved, cared for and supported, even mother-in-law doted in the famous son-in-law. However, after twenty years of marriage, the actor met another woman. In the program he explained why he decided to change his marriage.

“It was a year of my drastic turn of revolution in my life. I was disappointed in the acting profession. I wanted more, like so many men I got bored. Of course, it was the reason to start Dating with Victoria,” explained the artist.
Михаил Богдасаров признался, почему вернулся к жене после измены

Michael met Victoria in one of the social networks. The actor has decided to write to the girl. She replied to him. Bogdasarov decided to invite a virtual friend in the theater. “Before me was a very elegant woman. I did not notice how my hand was in her pocket,” recalled the actor.

According to his confession, the relationship began to evolve rapidly, he couldn’t imagine life without Victoria. Michael began to change his wife, was staying at the young mistress, very thin to fit a new passion. Of his betrayal, the actor decided to tell the elder son Sergey. The young man condemned his father and told his mother all. For women cheating Bogdasarova was a real shock.

The artist did not apologize. He finally decided to leave the family and moved to Victoria. Later filed for divorce.

“At some point we sat down with Vick, discussed, and decided that I live with her. She said earlier that she’s not interested, the family is not needed. And I wanted a child, wanted a new life. We all want to return to his former self. We want to feel again, a boy, a boy who knows how to be bad. With Vika we began to travel around the world, I learned to swim, began to wear other clothes. I felt younger and more spectacular, I managed to satisfy my ego. I am grateful to her,” admitted Michael.
Михаил Богдасаров признался, почему вернулся к жене после измены

Bogdasarov said that happiness with a young lover was short-lived. Victoria was not tolerant of the actor, his weakness, she tried to support him in his career. “I could not stand the pressure of her, to be honest. If you’re always in a state of aggression. The inability to exist together,” said the actor.

Michael confessed that he started to miss his ex-wife and two sons. Although, by the time he managed to divorce a woman through the courts. Raisa was very upset by the betrayal of a spouse, the heirs also sided with the mother. Despite all the vicissitudes, Bogdasarov decided to return to his family.

“With Raisa softer, all sincere. No games, no pathos. The family is the place where you rest, where everything is prepared for your arrival and for your departure,” said the actor.

Raisa forgive a cheating spouse. They again began to live together. Michael admits that the wound he has inflicted wife, still fresh. But he tries to fix the mistakes of the past.

“I think, Yes, a piece of life I broke when he left. See just, purely emotional – Raisa has changed,” said Bogdasarov.