Mike Tyson hit a man on board a plane 55-year-old Mike Tyson retired long ago, but habits

Mike Tyson hit a man on a plane Last night the famous boxer made a flight from San Francisco to Florida, during which he smashed the face of one of the passengers of the liner.

Mike Tyson punched a man on board the plane

The moment of beating hit on video and quickly spread on the Internet. That's just many netizens sided with the athlete. The fact is that the injured man behaved defiantly, filmed Tyson on the phone, said something in his ear and shouted at the whole salon. Mike several times asked to be left alone, but in the end his patience snapped.

Mike Tyson hit a man on board the plane

Of course, the victim has already contacted the police, so Tyson will still have to answer. By the way, the boxer already has three convictions, so this is clearly not the person who should have been pestered. Unless a man wants to receive monetary compensation in this way.

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