Мигель навестил отца после долгой разлуки The choreographer went to the home of one parent to spend the beginning of 2017 with loved ones. Miguel is not so often to see my dad as he would like because it is very busy at work. Fans of celebrities congratulated his family on holidays.

      34-year-old singer, Director and choreographer Miguel often shared with fans photos of loved ones. The father of a celebrity by birth a Cuban, and mother – Russian. When the future star was just three years old, his parents were forced to return to their hometown. So from a very young age education Miguel did the mother and grandmother, imparted to the boy love to dance and show.

      Recently the star of “Dance” visited his father Miguel Fernando Chambley Mass. In early January, the artist traveled to Cuba to spend time with loved ones. Miguel has published in Instagram a photo op for parents.

      “Family posidelki. Home” – with these words he signed his picture.

      Fans of Miguel found that the photo was very nice and “home”. They also noted that the parents of the artist look great and wished his family all the best. “Health to you and your parents”, “beautiful”, “loved ones is important,” “your daddy”, “it is Great that share such moments”, “Cool”, “Beauty”, “Real happiness”, “Fairytale”, – commented on the fans of a celebrity.

      Recall that Miguel first saw his own father in 2012, the actor admitted in one of his interviews. Then the star of the show “Dancing” for the first time went to Cuba to celebrate the New year in a circle of close people. The man said that his parents have a long, complex and tragic love story. Father celebrity was forced to leave his family and move to a small home.

      When Miguel was a child, my mom wouldn’t let him over the border, fearing to lose a son. Later, the choreographer was so immersed in work that he didn’t have time to go to a remote island. Only a few years ago, Miguel finally decided to go North of the Caribbean sea, to congratulate the Pope on anniversary – then he was 70 years old.

      In an interview with reporters Miguel also admitted that father watching his work, and they often talk on the phone. Mother the choreographer is also proud of his son’s success, because she took him for cultural institutions in the age of five. According to Miguel, then he has revised the entire repertoire of the Bolshoi theatre. The man said that dancing is a dream of his mother, so she did everything for the development of the talent of the heir.