Miguel: “Now my heart is free”

Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» The famous choreographer has gone from a mere dancer to the great Director and producer, who is known to the whole country. “StarHit” Miguel openly talked about the conflict with Egor Druzhinin, the affair Anastasia Vadra and why he’s successful with women.
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно»
Not all know what your real name is Sergei. But everyone calls Miguel. How did this happen?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» Miguel and I began at 16, when all my companions in the musical “Metro” learned my full name is Sergey Mogilevich Shestiperov. Once they asked me: “what’s your real name, not Sergei?” I told them that my name is very long, and they suddenly say, “Ah, so you’re Miguel?” Since all call me that.—
It is impossible not to notice that you have great acting skills. Why in the show “Faceless”, which you set in St. Petersburg, not speak for yourself?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» None of your shows I am not present as an actor, because you are the project Director, and producer, and choreographer. When I play? We have involved many talented actors, and the action takes place in a beautiful mansion on the Palace, which became a theater, so invite everyone to watch our musical project.—
What do you think, to dance in Russia now was a different attitude?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» Absolutely, I can say that, Yes. Because I see in what direction began to develop people, what interests they have. I see active people in social networks, see how they are looking for everything connected with dancing, as you watch the video, how they perceive the new styles of dancing. Finally gone it’s a strange separation of male and female gender remained pure art.
Is it true that you invited the Baryshnikov to become a member of the jury of the show “DANCING”?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» It was just speculation on the topic “who else is Druzhinina invite to “DANCE”? At the moment we have not seen compete with him, so we had the idea to invite Baryshnikov, but it all ended at the level of conversation in the office, and I don’t know how this information got to you. Why the hype around this event? I don’t understand!

Baryshnikov himself said that he saw several editions and was very happy!
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» I don’t know about. My colleague, Anastasia Timofeeva (creative producer of the show “Faceless” and “the Returned”), communicates very much with his friends, she knows more, but you know he’s not going to Russia.—
We all know about your quarrel with Yegor Druzhinin, who appeared on the horizon before you and took the ice cream…
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» And which he the cream was removed?—
Fame. He was the first dancer after a lot of stagnation. For example, in the Soviet years was a famous dancer Shubarin, and then – silence. And then Druzhinin… You never communicate?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» Yes. I have said many times that Yegor Druzhinin, as from a man who, as you say, “first took the ice cream”, would be the right thing for my success is viewed from the side of the mentor, not the opponent. If he did, I assure you, our fellowship with him would continue. But he does not and goes not very well, seeing that I was more popular than he is, although it’s never been my goal.
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно»
This is a difficult thing, and you too will experience it after some time.
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» I don’t think so, because all his disciples holyu and cherish. If I wanted that, I’d never created dance centers “PROТАНЦЫ”, never in my life would not have created the camp “PROТАНЦЦЫ” and the projects that I do. In any case, not trying to take the place of other people – I have my own position, his place in life, and I know that such people are unlikely to be born in a time when I’ll live.—
A few years ago in Moscow was the musical “the Producers”…
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» Chic musical! I think he is one of the best in the parameters of the “musiclover” that exist in the world, he matched everything that should be in this genre.—
In this musical Yegor Druzhinin played the main role and sang.
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» He always sang, he sang in the musical “Chicago,” which also took part.
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно»
And you sing?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» Sing in the shower. I’m not a singer, that’s why never continue the work that began on “star Factory”. When it came to the “Factory”, I warned everyone that I am a dancer who sings badly. I know that I have a voice and have a great hearing, thanks to my mother, who in time was sent to a music school where I learned to play the piano, was educated. But this profession is not mine, never will take the stage with a microphone, because you don’t get the same thrill that you get when dancing. —
Once you said that with Sergey Lazarev “unable to work”. Why?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» When did I say that? Distorted. I described a situation in which enough Lazarev was acting strange, but all eventually went well and we had some fun on the show of the First channel. Such problems occur with everyone, just to every artist need to find a way. However, when there is a big project and you have 10-12 artists, find it difficult, especially because for a week it is necessary to remove the air from 12 different numbers, concepts, performances… Every actor needs to explain and show. In the case of Lazarev we have a misunderstanding, because I demanded one, but he didn’t want to concede. In the end, I said, “I’m Sorry, but I am the Director and I know what you’re doing, so you listen to me.” He agreed, and we made a great jazz room, where Sergey gets the tap for the first time. We put it, we took it, we made it – all! The most important thing is the result, and all the problems that accompany it – part of the profession. Such problems happen with any artist, who I worked with.
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно»
As you can see your future? For example, Alla Dukhova created in Russian cities the branches of the “death spiral.”
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» I’m happy for Alla Duhova, but “Todes” instilled in the public the idea that the dancer is a dancer for the stars. What we do in the project “DANCES”, and what you do in the dance, “PROТАНЦЫ”, is fundamentally different because we do dancer-a performer who could easily become a star. Only after the “DANCING” appeared in the star dancers, before they were not. As for my future – I wanna be a cook.
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» Yes. This is my dream since childhood, I love to feed people.
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно»
One of the girls that was on the concert of pianist Matsuev, said, “he’s at the piano, and imagine what he’s like in bed!” Is it possible for the dancer to understand what he’s like in bed?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» Actually, I think that 60% understand what the person is doing and how it moves in terms of sex, seeing him dance is a body language! Of course, you can make mistakes, but basically all my observations show that my theory is borne out in practice.—
In one interview you admitted that “popular with women”. What is it expressed?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» Don’t know, I just like them. I remember my first class, I remember all the girls who were running for me.
Think it’s because of the bright appearance? You once called themselves “Moscow Negro.”
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» I don’t think it’s the appearance of “Moskovsky Negro” played a role. I think that is still my position in life, I’m a pretty cheerful person, sociable, which can cheer up any company, if it wants to. —
Wrote that you become a new member of the show “the Bachelor.” How do you like this project?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» Yes, for the second season rumors are rumors, but I don’t watch the show, and a television in principle. I haven’t even seen a single episode of the programme, which are present in the frame. I’m not interested – this is my job, and I know how to do it when they are in it. But to look at ourselves, to evaluate… I had some excitement in the beginning, but I was interested to observe the life of the project, and not himself. In that moment, when I do, I usually turn away or switch to another channel. Not saying I have any shame or have I embarrassed myself, just in this case, trust the people who make the product, trust yourself. I understand – as said said. And thought “he should have said so” or “it was necessary to do so” you need to drive, because at this point, the project will lose a life, he lives and popular only because real.
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно»
Do you consider yourself a real man? In recent years, increasingly heard phrases like “a man in Russia has transferred normal.”
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» I think that a real man will never hurt a woman. Hurt really not talking about that hit and everything else. In fact, I don’t know, because in the modern world the concept of sexism and gender equality in some moments slightly prevails over the feeling of men and women. Maybe it’s instilled in me my mother, but the moment of caring I will never be able to eliminate, because a man should take care of the woman. In General, a real man can only tell a woman.
You are quite a private man, we know little about your family and friends. For example, when you feel bad, who you call parents, friends?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» Friends. My mother was at that age that it should be protected, but it is for me the closest person. With my friends, I have created a structure where we all settled in the same area, took one village. So for me to go to the neighbors – so to go to his friends to stay home in the morning to talk, to take salt. I bought a house in the suburban village, and all my friends, as well as those who belong to the team of Miguel, looked at it and decided to move there.—
And what girls like you Miguel?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» My concept of girls totally changed in that moment, when I visited Los Angeles and saw women of incredible beauty, absolutely free. I do know that now in Russia is the status of women in Moscow and St. Petersburg begin to appear interesting characters. I am most interested in the person that I like that he is the person that interesting to watch. I looks a little concerned, maybe because I have a lot of complexes about his external data, but the brain turns me on much more than beauty – especially that form which it has acquired now, when you can change everything with the help of plastic surgery. —
Hard if you have experienced the news of the breakup with dancer Anastasia Vadra?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» The gap? All wrote that it was a meeting, then that is a novel or something, and then you read somewhere about the separation. One publication printed a picture of us from vacation, and all agreed that we are together.—
So it was true?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» That we met? No. A series of photos from a vacation in the real world may not mean that someone together, married and so on. What I am certainly not going to do, is to turn his personal life in public. This is the only island in my life, where there is some freedom, because I have nothing left, I’m in a movie can’t go quietly.

Your girl must be from the world of dance?
Мигель: «Сейчас мое сердце свободно» I think that time will tell. The definition of profession for a person who needs to be with me, is the most evil that you can imagine. In this case, hoping for any long-term relationship, I always think: “How nice it is to live in the present!” The moment that is happening now – it is the most valuable, because neither future nor past exists, it’s fantasy and fiction. People forget that we live here and now, and to think and to think about who should be the man who will share my bed, I don’t want. I know that it will be required. At the time when it will be, I’ll think about who he is. —
Now your heart is free?
Yes. Now my heart is occupied by my dog and work. I picked up a mutt from the shelter, she is a year and a half, saved him from the plague.

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