Miguel can become a hero of the show “the Bachelor”

Мигель может стать героем шоу «Холостяк» Users of social networks spread information that the mentor and jury member of the show “Dancing” will become a new “star” bride. Official statements from the representatives of the TV channel TNT has not yet been reported. Miguel also prefers to refrain from comment.

      The other day in one of the fan communities of the show, TNT’s “the Bachelor” has information that the hero of the fifth season of the project will be 34-year-old choreographer and Director Miguel. Administrators microblog published a photo of the star, and hinted that he may be in the role of a new husband. However, official statements from the representatives of the TV channel has not yet been reported. Sam Miguel, too, has so far refrained from making any comments, so the audience is left wondering whether the publication posted on social networks, the truth or this is another speculation.

      Recall that the fourth season of “the Bachelor” ended in June of this year. The end of the program shocked many viewers. 28-summer Alexey Vorobev did not pick one of the contestants, preferring to be alone. Among the participants of the show a famous artist was emphasized by Natalia Gorozhanov, but she failed to get a star to make her an offer of marriage. When the artist asked the girl to tell him about her feelings, she suddenly said he does not feel love. Apparently, this was the reason why sparrows have not made a decision in favor of Gorohovoj. In an interview Alex said that serious about the project and hoped to find therein the heart of a lady.

      After such unexpected termination of “the Bachelor,” fans of the program have begun to wonder who will be the next “star” bride. Some of them assumed that the project could be back Alexei Vorobyov, because he failed to build relationships with anyone of the participants. The artist himself did not comment on such rumours. Note that sparrows is one of the most popular and successful singers, who also tries his hand at directing. The contractor has a very tight schedule, so he struggled to find spare time even for a visit to the doctor. In this regard, Alex is unlikely to again decides to try his luck on the filming of the TV show.

      Why Alexei Vorobyov chose nobody on the show “the Bachelor”

      Among other likely candidates for the role of a new hero of the show was also named 22-year-old Yegor creed. In his favor, he expressed and one of the former participants of “the Bachelor,” Galina Rzhaksinsky, which once fought for the heart of Timur Batrutdinova. Candidacy creed caused heated discussions among viewers. Many of them say that the actor is too young and is unlikely to be a sweetheart seriously.