Miguel called care Druzhinina from “Dancing” farce

Мигель назвал уход Дружинина из «Танцев» фарсом

The relationship between the mentors of the project escalated to the limit.

Passion on the show “Dancing. Battle of the seasons” boil not only on stage, but in the jury box. Mentors Yegor Druzhinin and Miguel often find out the relationship in a raised voice, show each other claims. Probably, therefore, the reaction of Miguel to the care of colleagues from the show with a scandal was quite predictable. He condemned Druzhinina. And he did it on his page in the social network, which enjoys over a million subscribers.

“Thank you to all those people who feel me, – began his speech Miguel, writes “StarHit”. — What is happening now, I can’t comment, but I know for sure that, having lost Alice, I did not allow myself such actions. I have accepted the rules of this show and took them always. The exception was made only two cases: Savchenko and Kryukov in the first season and Stew in the second. On the second occasion the question: “Why my opponent did not put on this unreal character, revealing all his potential? Why only after he visited me in the team for him come from? Why would a dancer as Klevakin Oleg, now blooming, as Savchenko? What I said about Dima, but this is true. And if I didn’t say that, this decision would not be. The proof is the choice of the finalists of the second season. Then he took him to the finals, and now ready to leave the show for him? It’s just a farce!”

According to Miguel, he did not agree with the opinion of his colleagues on the jury and fully supports spectators.

“Every time I try to create an audience, and while it always coincided with mine. The only difference was the care Dotsenko. But it was discord who in my team immediately put everything in its place. The easiest solution is to drop everything. We are still working, rehearsing: whether broadcast or not. And I love this project and I’m not going to leave unless kicked out. Because this project is for you, the audience. Without you we are nothing. Thank you for being with us, and the winner, it is yours. Love, hate, anything,” concluded Miguel.

Recall that the scandal with Druzhinin broke out last week. On the last program, the mentor deliberately left the Studio together with his team, expressing disagreement with the results of the audience voting. However, the producers of the show and Greg was able to find a compromise, and Druzhinin returned to the project, but on their terms (read more here).

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