Miguel became interested in mysticism

Мигель увлекся мистикой
The famous choreographer, presented his new project.

Мигель увлекся мистикой

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Choreographer and mentor show “Dancing” on TNT Miguel
together with the international team on 1 December will present the world premiere
mystical show “Returned”. The immersive action of the play (when the audience
fully immersed and involved in what is happening), put on motives of the play
Henrik Ibsen “Ghosts”, will take place on four levels
the old mansion of the XIX century in the center of Moscow.

Mystical action takes place at a distance
at arm’s length. Viewers are immersed in a dramatic and full of mystery life of the family. When
the entrance to the house guests, handing out masks, which retain their anonymity. In the house
more than 40 rooms and dozens of secret passages and doors. Getting into a mystical
space, people can at any time be in any room in which
something is going on. Everyone goes for something that touches it. Someone
attracted by the dialogues of the main characters, someone incredible choreography, someone
stops in front of the old mirror and examines old things, someone is calling
in the road smell of old books, tobacco, pine needles, sweet women’s perfumes, candles,
moisture and soap, food, tobacco, citrus, basement smells, and something is clearly
the infernal smell of the deceased.

Мигель увлекся мистикой

Here the odors excite, frighten, disturb, intrigue
and excite the imagination. Over them, as over everything else worked
a unique international team of 100 people. Including Directors Victor
Karina and MIA Zanetti of the new York theater company Journey Lab
Russian producers Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov and Miguel (he’s the choreographer of the show),
composer Anton Belyaev and just great production designers Ruslan
Martynov and Ivan Booth.

Мигель увлекся мистикой

Painstaking work lasted six months. For
create a show in a mansion with an area of 1300 square meters was laid 15
kilometers of wires and installed a few tons of hidden sound and light
equipment. In the auditions was attended by more than 900 artists from all over the
Russia, in the end, the project involved 31 professional actor and dancer. In
Moscow show will be shown 50 times, after “Returned” to leave Russia and
will travel to new York in the spring will start production of the American version
view. Its premiere is scheduled for autumn 2017.