Midfielder “real Madrid” Gareth bale canceled the wedding

Полузащитник «Реал Мадрида» Гарет Бэйл отменил свадьбу

29-year-old midfielder “real Madrid” receives large fees and could not afford a big wedding as planned, in one of the historic castles of Italy, and as the main musical guest to call Beyonce. However, our plans were not destined to happen — one of the highest paid footballers of the moment Gareth bale has postponed the wedding with his childhood sweetheart 26-year-old Emma Rhys-Jones, with whom he has three children.

It is reported that the wedding was postponed indefinitely, most likely until you get more settled, a series of family troubles, and misfortunes, among which the bad relationship between Emma and her family, as well as the death of the boyfriend of the sister of Emma, Alexander Williams. All in good time.

Before the wedding, Emma was hoping to establish a relationship with their father, 54-year-old Martin Rees-Jones, which has deteriorated in recent times. The fact that Martin was imprisoned for 6 years on charges of international fraud amounting to 2 million pounds. Data fraud has not led to anything good — he not only was convicted, but was estranged from his daughter, missing the birth of grandchildren. He is Emma’s father admits to feeling regret.

Next, to say the least, a nuisance, was a cousin of Emma — a former model Epiphany Dring. In 2016, she made a run for the border with a briefcase full of cash in the amount of more than a million dollars and drugs. After she disappeared, unknown persons set fire to the house grandparents and aunt Emma, the fire burned and machine family.

The last straw was the news of the death of the boyfriend’s sister, Emma, Alexandra Williams. He committed suicide immediately after the birth of their second child. It is reported that Alexander had problems with social services. “Over the last couple of years, the life of Gareth and Emma were like a roller coaster, especially for Emma as this is her family. Some of them told her that not coming to the wedding, but time changes everything, so we hope for universal reconciliation,” said a friend of the family edition of the Sun.

Recall that the novel Gareth and Emma started back at school Whitchurch High School in Cardiff. In 2012 they had a daughter, Alba violet, and in 2016 — the second daughter Nan Valentine. In July 2016, the day of the birth of Emma, Gareth proposed to her. In may this year they became parents for the third time — came to light their son, Axel Charles.