Middleton will get married in a dress over 760 thousand rubles

Миддлтон выйдет замуж в платье за 760 тысяч рублей

The younger sister of Duchess Kate set a date for the wedding and attire.

This summer there was an engagement of Pippa with millionaire James Matthews. But with the wedding couple decided to pull right up to the next year to prepare for the celebration and not hit the dirt face.

As it became known, the date the couple have already chosen, but still keep secret because they want to invite guests to the ceremony by all the rules – not declaring the day of the marriage through the media and sending out beautiful invitations. Their design Pippa is now engaged.

Previously, foreign journalists reported that the sister of Duchess Kate dreams about wedding dress of Princess Diana and allegedly ordered designer a copy of it, but Kate such a choice is not approved, because Pippa’s attempt to identify himself with the mother of Prince William is likely to be negatively interpreted subjects. Kate hinted to my sister that she should be modest and looked after the outfit valued at 10,000 British pounds, or about 760,000 thousand rubles.

On the one hand for the wife of a millionaire, this amount is not so great. On the other hand, fans of Kate think that Pippa can not bear the thought that her sister was married with a Royal scale (as it has to be, considering the status of her husband) and keeps trying to outshine Kate in her wedding dress, and therefore decided to invest so much.

We already know that bridesmaid dress will be the classic white color and probably from boutique designer Suzanne Neville, at least, that’s where the younger Middleton was spotted several times already.