Микки Рурк пригласил Яну Кошкину на свидание Hollywood star signed up for an account sultry brunettes on Instagram and now monitors all posts, leaving comments almost every one of them.
Микки Рурк пригласил Яну Кошкину на свидание

Actress and TV presenter has always enjoyed the increased attention from the stronger sex. Now heart 27-year-old beauty is officially free, but applicants for him every day more and more. Among her admirers was the famous actor Mickey Rourke.

It all started with the fact that he suddenly signed up for an account of the artist on Instagram that day she posted a hot picture on your page with a purpose to congratulate the men on February 23. After Rourke put likes on several dozens of publications.

“When Joanna received the notification that Mickey follow her, could not believe my eyes, thinking – this is a fake – said the “StarHit” friend Koshkina. – While Ian was busy on the set, I checked online, indeed it is. Was very surprised that he leads the social network. It was then that we both lost the power of speech. Came home tonight and immediately I watched the movie “the wrestler”, where he plays a major role.”

After a couple of days, the artist noticed that the actor leaves not just the hearts under posts, but also comments. “Jana, you are beautiful! Honored to make friends,” sprayed a 65-year-old ladies ‘ man.

But she reacts not at all a compliment. When there is free time, she tries to communicate – reply to messages, watch videos. What the fairer sex will not be pleased of the presence of the admirer!

The actor has already asked whether Russian beauty in Hollywood? He is confident she can develop a great career. At the same time will have the opportunity to meet over a Cup of coffee.