Мик Джаггер хочет откупиться от матери своего ребенка
The rocker has agreed to pay his girlfriend £ 2.5 million.

Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick

Photo: Instagram.com

As it became
you know, Mick Jagger decided not to wait until his pregnant girlfriend Melanie Hamrick will sue him in court to get child support for
child. He voluntarily agreed to pay her £ 2.5 million. Rocker
Melanie suggested to acquire this amount of house for her and their baby, who
should be released in December this year. In addition, Mick has undertaken,
after the birth of the child, to pay Hamrick for 15 thousand pounds a month on it
education. This information was reported by the mirror.co.uk.

Jagger will again be the father became known in July of this year. Then Mick
made a statement that this reason. Jagger admitted that he did not expect that
at the age of 72 will once again become a father for the eighth time. But he added that still glad

An affair with
mother of his yet unborn baby began approximately two years ago. Then
fans of the talent of the musician was shocked that he started Dating a new
the girl soon after the suicide of his longtime girlfriend
designer Lauren hill.

27-year-old Melanie,
which at the time was a dancer and was considered a rising star, not for Mick
hesitation gave up my career and left her fiance dancer Jose Manuel
Carreno. And in order to be able to fly to a favorite, no matter what
in the world he was on his first call. However, Jagger is not only
he wanted to marry her, but would not even translate it in the status of their civil
wife. As announced by his representative, Mick and Melanie don’t live together and not
make plans for a life together…”

at least, Henrik seems quite happy. Recently, Melanie said she believes
Mick for his life proved himself as a wonderful father. And hoped that he
will be nice to take care of their baby, as their seven other kids from his ex-wife Bianca, the civil wife
Jerry Hall and two girlfriends —
Luciana Jimenez and Marcia hunt.

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