Mick Jagger told, how to cope with death of his bride

Мик Джаггер рассказал, как справляется со смертью своей невесты

Two years later after the suicide of his beloved Lauren Scott, Mick Jagger’s still hard going through this loss. In a recent interview he said that he helps to cope with your emotions and at least momentarily feel better.

So, 72-year-old leader of the Rolling Stones admitted that he finds solace in the fact that wears clothes, which created for him by Scott. “I don’t think it’s emotionally difficult. On the contrary. It’s very nice,” said Jagger.

“I have a big collection of things from Lauren, I would like to use in our tours,” admits Mick. “At the end of the day I just collect them and think, “This has created…and it’s Lauren,” shares the emotions of the singer.

Recall, 49-year-old model and designer Lauren Scott was found hanging in her Manhattan apartment on March 17, 2014-th year. According to sources, she was on her knees, and the neck was tied with a scarf tied to the door handle. Later, forensic examination confirmed that it was indeed suicide.

The premature death of the woman shocked her friends and relatives, and Mick Jagger and it had canceled several concerts to recover from bereavement.

Lauren’s friends remember her as a good, light person. So, in his statement, the editor of VogueAnna Wintour, said: “Lauren was an absolute perfectionist. It perfectly combined the strength of character and sense of style. She was always unbelievably generous, sweet, kind and that much important, fun. Her manners and charm were as if from another era. We will miss her”.

Mick Jagger – fiance died, was the only heir. After the death of Scott he got the apartment in new York city at a cost of $ 8 million, and jewelry, cars, furniture and other personal belongings of about $ 1 million. “I give all my jewelry, clothing, furniture, vehicles and other items of a personal nature the property of Michael Philip Jagger“, wrote Lauren.

In the will Scott stressed that does not want her property fell into the hands of the combined relatives: “I deliberately do not mention the heirs of any of my remaining relatives at the time of my death”.


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