Мик Джаггер не собирается жить с матерью своего восьмого ребёнка

29-year-old Melanie Hamrick soon due to give birth to his famous knight 73-year-old Mick Jagger of his eighth child, but the musician doesn’t call a ballet dancer to live with myself. As reported by the Western media, the rocker didn’t plan to become a father at so honourable age and pregnancy of his girlfriend was a big shock for him.

The couple does not live together, and, it seems, is not going to do that.
“Mick and Melanie didn’t plan this baby. They are regularly seen, but not going to live together. Of course, Mick refuses to paternity, and will help Melanie to look after the child,” said the insider.
The pair met in Tokyo in 2014. About the pregnancy of a ballerina, for which this babe will be the first-born, became known in mid-July. Mick is not going to marry Melanie, although planning to buy a house the mother of your child.

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